10 Horror Movie Novelizations You Might Not Have Known Existed!

I have ALWAYS loved the idea of novelizations. Back when I was younger I was a sucker for these sorts of books.

Secret confession: I have ALWAYS wanted to write one of these. As a matter of fact I have a Dr. Phibes sequel half-scribbled in a binder somewhere in my back files. I wrote it when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old – which means it most likely sucked.

Still, I also have a complete feature script for a FRIDAY THE XIIIth movie that DIRECTLY followed that JASON IN MANHATTAN fiasco. It was called JASON IN LOVE – and believe it or not, it actually lives up to the title!
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Horror Novel Reviews

It isn’t uncommon to see a film based on a preexisting novel. Filmmakers have been tapping into the dark world of fiction since the early days of celluloid. But what many don’t realize is that these days we’re gifted novels that are actually based on movies. Novelizations have become increasingly more popular over the last 50 years.

There are some awesome transfers out there, and while many are well known (the Halloween novelizations for example, or more recently efforts like 30 Days of Night and Pacific Rim), there’s a hefty bunch of novelizations that you may not have known existed. Well, it’s time to highlight a few of those works, check out 10 novels that are based on successful films!


The Fog by Dennis Etchison (1980): You likely all know the film, as it was one of John Carpenter’s early shining moments (despite poor initial box office sales) and…

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