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My Writing Life: Sherrilyn Kenyon

A great inspirational interview.

I’ve sold about 25,000 copies all told – counting my traditionally-published work and my indie-published work – and let me tell you that there is a whole long road of zeroes in between 25,000 and 25,000,000,000 copies!

(okay, so math WASN’T my strong point)

Favorite quote: “I believed in writer’s block once and then I drove a truck through it.”

My Writing Life: Sherrilyn Kenyon.

You get done reading that you might REALLY want to read this!

Unofficial Indie Block Party


All right – this is the season for block parties – right? I mean what other time of the year are you going to haul a bar out onto an open street along with about thirty or forty thousand randomly-colored lawn chairs and gather yourself all of the beer and music and bad jokes and more beer that you can and call it a PARTY!

So – I’ve decided to take part in the 2013 Indie Block Party.

You want details – go and check it out HERE!

Why am I doing this?

Well – let’s say I need the motivation to write a few more blog entries.

Or maybe – I JUST WANT TO PARTY!!!

So – for starters I am supposed to tell you all about myself.

Well – I’m a storyteller. I’m a writer. I can be painfully shy, in person. I’m not a bad guy. I haven’t got too many bodies buried in the basement – and none of them are all that important anyways.

I’ve been writing since the mid-eighties. Or at least that was when I sold my very first short story – a sort of a Mad Max apocalyptic tale that I sold to OUTLAW BIKER for $125.00 – which, at that point, seemed to be an omen of impending wealth.

Note – I am not rich.

Not even close.

In fact, if you’re reading this – SEND MONEY!!!


Here’s a list of the “blog-entry-starters” the organizers suggest for creating this first block party blog entry.

Why did you start writing?
How long have you been writing?
What are your favorite genre?
What is your blog about?
What do you do when you’re not writing?

Why did I start writing?

Well, I think I started mostly as a way of learning how to talk. You have to understand I was a quiet kid – and I discovered I could hold entire conversations with myself just by writing words down. It became one of my major outlets of self-exploration. I was ALWAYS a reader and I had a great love for watching movies. I think – mostly – I just love the sound of a good story.

How long have I been writing?

Well – like I said – I sold my first story in 1986 – but I was writing LONG before that. I wrote in high school and I wrote in elementary. People liked my stories. Teachers liked my stories. My stories turned into good marks. Once I figured out that an essay or an assignment or a report was nothing but a story with a skeleton of facts attached – I was hooked. Writing was my way of coping with the stress of school room performance issues.

What is my favorite genre?

I like ANYTHING that has a streak of booga-booga in it. I enjoy the horror genre, ghost stories, folklore and any sort of dark fantasy. I also enjoy western stories and have written several weird westerns. I love a good war novel – and I have a great fondness for the shoot-em-up in ALL of its may forms.

What is my blog about?

Well, it is about writing and storytelling and the world of indie publishing.

I’m a hybrid author. I write for myself and publish independently but I also have SEVEN releases through a local regional press – Nimbus Publishing. The good folks at Nimbus have helped me sell THOUSANDS of copies of my regional books.

What do I do when I am NOT writing?

Well – I eat. I sleep. I like to watch old movies. I read. I talk with my wife and my cat and occasionally our teddy-bear Dijon – who is a really a deep sort of philosopher considering that he’s mostly just stuffed. I socialize with a flock of blue jays, a murder of a crows and a gaggle of assorted starlings and grackles whom I feed stale bread and peanuts in the shell most every morning.

So that’s it.

Let the blog/block party commence.

I’ll blow a horn here in my office – or, seeing as I just wrote this words – I guess that it already happened.

It happened in the most important place in the world – your imagination.

Listen – I’ll blow it again.


(Because I missed the sign-up deadline I am an UNOFFICIAL Indie Block Party participant – or I guess that means that I am CRASHING the Indie Block Party – in my imagination, anyway)

Don’t forget to check out my the rest of the Block’s WIP as well!
(Updating as I find the posts)


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

10 Horror Movie Novelizations You Might Not Have Known Existed!

I have ALWAYS loved the idea of novelizations. Back when I was younger I was a sucker for these sorts of books.

Secret confession: I have ALWAYS wanted to write one of these. As a matter of fact I have a Dr. Phibes sequel half-scribbled in a binder somewhere in my back files. I wrote it when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old – which means it most likely sucked.

Still, I also have a complete feature script for a FRIDAY THE XIIIth movie that DIRECTLY followed that JASON IN MANHATTAN fiasco. It was called JASON IN LOVE – and believe it or not, it actually lives up to the title!
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Horror Novel Reviews

It isn’t uncommon to see a film based on a preexisting novel. Filmmakers have been tapping into the dark world of fiction since the early days of celluloid. But what many don’t realize is that these days we’re gifted novels that are actually based on movies. Novelizations have become increasingly more popular over the last 50 years.

There are some awesome transfers out there, and while many are well known (the Halloween novelizations for example, or more recently efforts like 30 Days of Night and Pacific Rim), there’s a hefty bunch of novelizations that you may not have known existed. Well, it’s time to highlight a few of those works, check out 10 novels that are based on successful films!


The Fog by Dennis Etchison (1980): You likely all know the film, as it was one of John Carpenter’s early shining moments (despite poor initial box office sales) and…

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