Did Someone Say It Would Be Easy?

Life DOES NOT come with a guarantee – and even if it did it would only be one of those guarantees that you wind up paying extra money for and is only valid on days that don’t end in “Y”.

Same applies for writing.

HEY – all of you moaners, groaners, whiners and drama-llamas – stop with the kvetching already. The job you signed up for says INDEPENDENT WRITER not INDEPENDENT GET-RICH-QUICKER!!!



In all the time I’ve been researching self-publishing, self-publishing myself and reading about the experiences of other writers who’ve self-published (I started my self-publishing shenanigans in November 2009), I’ve never once come across a post by a self-published author that said “My book started selling 1,000s of copies every day almost from the first one. One Friday I couldn’t quite make my rent, and the next I was counting out a wad of cash in front of my landlord, saying “Heck, I’ll just buy the place!”‘ Or, ‘What really amazed me was how, mere hours after I published my e-book, it shot up to the very top of the Amazon charts and never left! All I had to do was press the “Publish” button!’ Or ‘I still can’t believe how easy it was to become a bestselling self-published author!’


What I have seen plenty of lately, however, are what I…

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