Writing: Demographics of Tesseracts 17 Part II

An awful lot goes into the making of an anthology.
Here are the demographics of TESSERACTS 17.

Thanks, Colleen.

And – if you’d like to read MORE about Tesseracts 17…


Colleen Anderson

Sorting out the demographics for Tesseracts 17 has been time consuming, and WordPress truly sucks when it comes to inserting a table in any format. It took me over four hours to generate the table below so if you’re curious about other breakdowns, you’ll have to pay me.

Each breakdown becomes more subjective. In this case, I had to guess at the gender of some people because names like Chris, or Terri, or initials don’t tell me if they’re male or female. I knew the names of many writers submitting so even if one had a male or female sounding name I knew where they actually belonged. The most accurate numbers are those of writers from different territories and provinces. We never received anything from Nunavut so it is the only part of Canada not represented. And while Newfoundland and Labrador prefer both names to be used to represent their…

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