Assault by prunes, film at eleven…

What a weird evening.

Had the day off yesterday. My wife and I decided to spend the evening working our way through the fourth season of BREAKING BAD. We’ve discovered this series a couple of a months ago and we promptly picked up the series on dvd and have been steadily working our way through it.

I decided it was time for an evening snack – about 10pm. I like to have a bowl of All Bran with a banana and a few prunes.

Hey – I’m old.

We keep the prunes in one of those square jars that you might keep dry goods in. They’re square and they stack and pack nicely in the cupboard.

So I fill the bowl with All Bran and a little Maple Crunch cereal for flavor. I reach for the jar of prunes and as I pick it up it shatters.

Must have been washed one too many times. Might have been the heat of my hand. It was like one of those scenes in a super hero movie where the hero in his secret identity inadvertently shatters a glass in his hand.

It shattered. Made a pop like a gunshot and the whole top of the jar is shards while I’m holding it.

At this point I shrieked like a little girl. Let me own that right away. I said “Eek” or some such manly phrase of high startle.

So there’s this slice on the tip of my left thumb – maybe about a contact-lens worth of flesh sliced in a flap – and a nasty looking slice at the base of the thumb – right in the joint.

I “eeked” once, calmed down, turned to my wife and said – “I’m cut. It’s deep.”

Of course the blood spilling on the floor might have clued her in.

She got bandages and a small guest towel and wrapped my hand. Took a moment to mop the blood so that the cat would not descend into feline vampirism while we were gone. Then helped me change into pants and a shirt and drove me to emergency.

Talk about breaking bad…

What a great crew worked our hospital. Everybody was calm and cool and VERY kind.

We got home about 1:30am. I’ve got a couple of stitches in the joint of my thumb and a bandage around the flap and a hole in my shoulder from the tetanus shot.

Otherwise, I’m fine.

But if anyone asks – I just got prune-whipped.

broken glass

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

2 responses to “Assault by prunes, film at eleven…

  1. Mwahahahahahgh! Great story. Long ago, far back in the mists of time I did the same to a pint glass full of beer. However, I managed to avoid injury.


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