I wish it was a movie…

I came across this Goodreads list and I boldly entered two of my own books on the list. The list is a list of books that people believe should be made into movies.


Now, there are two books that I have written that I really hope some day will be made into a movie. I don’t have ANY illusions of this Goodreads list making that magic happen – but it is quietly and nerdily cool to just to think about it.

I have always felt that SINKING DEEPER would make a wonderful true Canadian movie. It has CBC written all over it – back when CBC used to have money-to-burn. Heck, we could even have a guest-appearance by David Suzuki for his near-assassination scene.

Sinking Deeper New Cover

As for SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME – well, that of all of my books would make the best darned horror movie you could imagine – something along the lines of FROM DUSK UNTIL DAWN or FRIGHT NIGHT or 30 DAYS OF NIGHT or REANIMATOR.

Sudden Death Overtime - final art

I also voted for Tim Curran’s HIVE and Robert McCammon’s STINGER – both of which would make terrific creature-feature style movies.

What’s your favorite cheap and cheesy monster movie? I’d love to hear you talk about it.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

2 responses to “I wish it was a movie…

  1. colleenanderson

    Hey Steve, that reminds me of all the stories that we read for Tesseracts. Lots of Wendigo stories and in the past I’ve read Sasquatch tales but I’ve never seen an Ogopogo story though your cover art reminded me of that Canadian beastie. Nessie’s cousin.

    My fave movie monster might be the creature from the Black Lagoon and Vancouver does have a lagoon… And it’s fireworks week. Just sayin’…


    • Actually, the name of the sea monster in Sinking Deeper is Fogopogo – because a LOT of Canadian sea and lake monster names end in Ogo.

      There is Ogopogo, Manipogo, Winnipogo, Igopogo, and a couple of others I can’t think of off-hand.


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