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Stephen King’s JOYLAND – my review…

All right – so the first Stephen King I ever read was ‘Salem’s Lot

I picked it up after seeing an idol of mine – Benjamin Grimm of the Fantastic Four – reading it in a comic book.

Okay – so that ought to tell you just how VERY young I was when I discovered the writing of Stephen King.

I followed his work religiously – eagerly awaiting the publication of each new novel. Even when he began to trip up – (anyone remember INSOMNIA – the only book that could cure insomnia?)

Then – when I hit King’s CELL I completely lost my will to live.

I remember thinking “How could you write such a kick-the-door-down opening chapter and then so completely lose your way?

(I know, I know – some of you folks probably LIKED Cell. One or two of you might even have enjoyed Insomnia. What can I tell you? Reading enjoyment is HIGHLY subjective and I stand by my judgement)

However, when I picked up Joyland my heart rose up and sung.

First off – I’ve worked a little at circus, carnival and busking over the years – so ANYTHING set in this particular setting has DEFINITELY got an edge up.

And I love coming-of-age stories – and that, more than anything else, is what JOYLAND is about.

The mystery is secondary. The supernatural is likewise secondary.

JOYLAND is primarily a coming of age novel.

And on this level it succeeds.

You want to read a book that tastes a little like the way that candied popcorn tasted like when you were a kid – you ought to pick up JOYLAND.

I’ll give it five big old stars – cheerfully pinged out with the BB target rifle of your choice.

Everybody’s a winner!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon