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Turning e-books into paperback…

I’ve JUST released my first indie paperback – a fine fat CreateSpace version of FLASH VIRUS OMNIBUS.

Here’s a look at the cover.


Want to know how I did it?

I owe a great debt of gratitude to e-book author INDIA DRUMMOND who posted this wonderfully helpful how-to video on Youtube.

That should explain EVERYTHING you need to know about how to turn your e-book into a CreateSpace POD paperback.

Cost? Not much of an issue. I paid the extra twenty-five bucks for the expanded distribution. I had to pay my artist for a front/back/spine version of my original cover. That was it, so far.

So – why should I need a paperback copy when I’ve already released this in e-book format?

I see the paperback as being one more line in the water. There are still many readers out there who HAVEN’T gone e-book. I know a lot of them. Older people, folks with a limited budget, neo-hippy luddites…

(heck, I still don’t own a cellular telephone)

An added bonus is that the Kindle listing for the e-book version now has a big old discount prominently noted – SAVE 61% over the paperback version.

Will I sell many? Who knows? Who cares?

The main benefit I see is I now have the ability to sell my book in paperback format at local trade shows, conventions, book fairs and the like. I’m booked at a horror festival this August – and a table full of my books will DEFINITELY turn my appearance into a profitable situation. I’ve got a booking at a local Gothic Christmas Festival – in which I run a palm reading booth – and a table full of my books will likewise provide a fine alternative to those folks who are looking for gift ideas.

A paperback is a great gift, a great prize for a reader-based draw, a great donation to a local library – heck, being a Canadian means that I can even make a profit on books that are borrowed through our library system.

So – for me – a paperback version is a solid option and an important addition to a well-produced e-book!

I am still trying to figure out the possible advantages/disadvantages regarding CreateSpace versus Lightning Source – but I will DEFINITELY keep you all posted.

So – as of this blog post I have TWO indie-released books in POD format.

FLASH VIRUS – this is the first five episodes and a stand-alone novel.


Sudden Death Overtime – a tale of hockey and vampires!

Besides these developments I’ve written another thousand words this morning on my next YA novel – bringing the count to 25000 words – the halfway mark to my target word-count of 50000 words.

Wish me luck.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon