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Kobo Goes For Economy…

Okay – so let’s start with the big news.

From now – until July 18 – Kobo is selling its Kobo Mini for $39.99!

Okay – so the Kobo Mini is the bargain basement economy car of the Kobo Family.

Who cares?

I’ve been using my Kobo Mini since Christmas and I haven’t had a cause to complain. The e-reader is solid, lightweight and I can read it on the bus on my way to work. I read it over my breakfast. I have even read it in the bathroom.

But you didn’t really need to know that last bit of information, now did you?

The Kobo Mini works like a dream.

And at $39.99 e-book reading has NEVER been so cheap before.


Now – while I’ve got your attention and you are thinking about how much money you can save by buying a Kobo Mini – why don’t I talk a little bit more about saving money through e-reading.

Let me tell you about FLASH VIRUS OMNIBUS.

(oh shoot, you are saying, I knew I wasn’t getting through this blog entry without a commercial SOMEWHERE along the way)

And you’d be right.

Flash Virus Omnibus

Let’s get one thing clear. It is in incredibly poor form for an author to review their own work – so this is NOT a review.

This is just me, saying “Hey”.

I wanted to mention that I’ve been releasing this novel – episode by episode – for the last half a year or so. This omnibus is a complete stand-alone novel.

Each episode – on it’s own – sells for $2.49 on the Kobo site.

That price will be going up to $2.99 in July.

Right now – as I write this “not-a-review” (it’s June 21, 2013) – you can buy this Omnibus – which is five complete episodes – for a mere $4.99.

In July this price will go up to $6.99.

For those folks out there who use a Kindle – I’ve got it there too. And the same price change is GOING to happen in July.

I’ve got it on Nook – but it’s already $6.99 there.

It’s also available for i-tunes through Apple.

So – in simple math right now if you pick up the first episode (which is ALWAYS free) and the following four episodes separately – you will spend $9.96.

If you pick up the Omnibus – which is ALL FIVE EPISODES IN ONE – you will spend $4.99.

You wait until July and that will tally up as $11.96 for the five separate episodes or $6.99 for the Omnibus.

Thus endeth the arithmetic lesson.

yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon