Kobo Roars Past Nook in the UK!

I’ve had a LOT more luck with my Kobo e-books – and the UK is #2 in my purchase-by-region demograph.

I sell more e-books in Canada than anywhere else. The United Kingdom is #2. The US comes in at #3 and New Zealand comes in at #4 with Australia trailing behind at #5.

So I’m really excited to see that Kobo is forging ahead in the UK.

You can read more about this HERE!

Now the big trick is to learn how to market my e-books more effectively to the UK readers.

I might find me a few tips HERE.

yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon

4 responses to “Kobo Roars Past Nook in the UK!

  1. Mine usually look something like 1 Canada, 2 New Zealand, 3 UK. This month, so far, Australia is second. There is a lot of variation. But this is a rather low-volume month so it’s not very reliable.


    • Yup – June has been fairly quiet for me as well.


      • Mind you, it’s all relative. Compared to last year, I’m doing really well. Since uploading to KWL in August last year there is not a single month that I haven’t made the payout limit, and I’m already a fair bit over for this month. So Kobo has definitely saved my life.


    • Oh yes, I hear you. I’m doing much better than last year – and I expect to be doing even better than this year. That’s the cool thing about this business. It can grow if you keep working in the right direction.


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