The Workshop At TYPE Bookshop

On Monday at 1pm I delivered my one hour workshop on storytelling and writing to the kids of St. Mary’s School. The teachers brought two classes – one of grade five and one of grade six – about sixty kids in all. They had me set up in the bookstore basement – a snug little concrete structure that held our heat like a miniature sauna.

It was hot and uncomfortable but I had the kids rivetted. I could have probably kept on talking and telling stories for another hour. The bookstore had picked up ten copies of SINKING DEEPER and sold seven of them. I signed the copies and answered about a hundred separate questions as the kids made way over to ask me questions at the end of the workshop.

I want to send a BIG thank-you to the folks at TYPE Bookstore for giving me the opportunity to talk with the kids. They really were an eager group – (grade 4, 5 and 6 are ALWAYS a treat to talk to).

Afterwards I treated myself to a slice of potato pizza and a cold bottle of Steam Whistle Lager – which REALLY went down smoothly.

2013-05-13 04.49.46

(I know. I know. I forgot to take a picture of the kids – but I did remember to take a picture of the pizza. How male is that???)

Afterwards I made my way to the Scotiabank Theatre where I snarfed down a plate of poutine and a tall glass of Cherry Coke and watched the new EVIL DEAD remake. There was about three people in the theater watching the movie. That’s how I like to attend a movie. Nobody was talking or texting or giggling. Everyone was silent and intent of just watching the flick. Times like that I can allow myself to totally immerse myself in the story. There were a couple of jump scenes that rattled me nicely and more than a few scary scenes that made me catch my breath. Nothing like a good booga-booga scene.

And the last scene at the end of the credits was…well…groovy!

I checked out a half a dozen bookstores along the way – including the WORLD’S LARGEST BOOKSTORE, and BMV Books where I bought a couple of Hellboy mini-books.

Before going to bed I checked out the hotel’s fitness room and put their rowing machine, free weights, elliptical trainer and a press machine to good use before crashing for a VERY sound sleep.

I don’t have ANYTHING professional planned today – although an editor of an upcoming anthology that I have a story in wants to meet me for a steak. I do hope to check out RASHERS today – a restaurant that specializes in bacon – as well as the Leslieville Pumps – both on Queen Street West.

It is supposed to be getting warmer and sunnier over the next couple of days. I am here until Friday – so I might need myself some sunscreen and a good straw hat for the Silver Birch Festival.

Having a blast on this working vacation but BOY do I miss my wife.

And my cat.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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