Thunder Bay Tardis…

Hey folks.

Sorry I’ve been tardy in keeping up my book tour blog.

Hmm…funny how that word tardy sounds so much like Dr. Who’s travelling telephone box time machine – the TARDIS. Maybe if I could get me one of those Tardis machines I could go back in time with this blog and none of you would be any wiser.

The fact is I just couldn’t get online at all from Thunder Bay. I heard a couple of the writers mentioning that. Might be the connection at the hotel just wasn’t strong enough. Might be the Thunder Bay hotel was in its very own Tardis.

In any case – Thunder Bay was a real drive-by performance.

Let me tell you all about it.

Okay – so Thursday morning I took off by bus from Amherst. Following a three hour bus drive I arrived at the Halifax Airport where I had a good greasy Chickenburger double cheeseburger, fries and a coffee milkshake.\

Once I had achieved a proper balance of fat, grease, salt and sugar I boarded a plane for Toronto. Two hours later – in Toronto – I caught a plane to Thunder Bay and arrived at the Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel.

I had a shmooze with the participating authors and the event organizers over a couple of glasses of Sleeping Giant Amber Ale – which was particularly cool because one of the characters in the YA novel that I am working on just happens to be the Thunder Bay Sleeping Giant.

I took a few minutes to slip out to the waterfront to snap a couple of photos of the Sleeping Giant. Let me see if I’ve got one on file here.

Nope. I managed to download a few photos – but none of the Giant. I’ll post one here later.

The next morning I had an exceptionally fine breakfast of ham and eggs and was driven to the auditorium for the big event.

Let me give you an idea of the crowd I was performing before.\






They tell me that there was about three thousand kids there that day – and I had about fifteen minutes or so. I gave them a bit of background info about who I was and then nailed them with a thunderous over-the-top rendition of my “Tale of the Phantom Oarsman”.

Well maybe not thunderous, but I don’t recollect hearing anyone snoring.

I spent about an hour and half in the hot sun at a signing table and signed about one thousand autographs.

No – I am NOT exagerating on the number. The kids kept coming and coming and coming.

Along the way I met some very important people.

Like – Zeus the Moose.













And – believe it or not – I got to meet Smoky the Bear.

Speaking as a fifty-four year old kid I thought it was incredibly cool to meet a fellow that I loved to watch on television. As old as that old bear was he still seemed pretty spry.

I really had a great time and met some wonderful students and I am looking forward to performing again – this time for a full hour – at the Toronto Festival this Thursday.

I’ve also got a bookstore gig – I’ll be telling stories for a class of kids at the TYPE BOOKSTORE on Queen Street West. I am REALLY looking forward to this.

I’ll throw together another blog entry tonight telling you all about my first day here in Toronto.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


One response to “Thunder Bay Tardis…

  1. Catherine MacDonald

    That’s great Steve! Must have been a rush.


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