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May 8, 2013

A short entry for this morning.

I slept REALLY well last night. That half hour in the fitness center really made a difference.

Unfortunately, breakfast left a little to be lacking. The breakfast cook wasn’t there for the second day in a row. I gather that he had been working late – cooking for a late night function – but I’m wondering why the hotel doesn’t hire an extra cook. There were several people in the restaurant this morning asking about a hot breakfast and having to settle for the free continental. Let me tell you, Bran Flakes and a blueberry just don’t cut it when you are craving bacon and eggs.

I went out early this morning intending to take a morning photograph of the windmill farm that is rolling across the field from the hotel. It is an oddly striking scene – all of those windmills and not a Don Quixote in sight – but the fog was too thick this morning to get proper photograph.

I’ve got two more schools to visit and then tonight I have an hour at the Amherst Four Fathers Library. One of these events looks to be pretty big, with maybe a hundred kids or so. I’m definitely looking forward to it. I will try and do a better job recording these appearances – but unfortunately by the end of a full-volume Steve Vernon workshop I am usually more than a little burned out and baked to a crispy golden dumb.

Yesterday I averaged about fifty to sixty kids per session – not a huge number, but these kids were all of the grade 4-6 range – and let me tell you that represents some of the keenest and most interested students in the school system. From Grade seven to Phd-ville, students tend to lean toward lethargy with strong overtones of are-we-done-yet?

I will tell you that I’ve met some really wonderful, eager and motivated students. Some surprisingly computer savvy students as well. I mentioned that I Facebook and Twitter and their eyes all got big and eager and I heard promises of them all following me on Facebook and some of them wanted to e-mail me further questions on writing technique.

It will be interesting to see just how much follow-through I will get. For certain, my books are going to be read a whole lot more out here in the Amherst school and library system.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon