Daily Archives: May 6, 2013

New Netbook

Hot diggedy!


I’m writing this blog entry on my brand new Netbook. It feels a little slow and the keyboard is really freaking out my fingers – like I was trying to play a ukelele with a ball pein hammer – but I’m absolutely stoked that I am going to be able to write blog entries and check my Facebook and Twitter account.

I primarily intend to use this Netbook to keep an eye on my e-mail – but I’m also going to make use of its freaky little keyboard to get some work done on the YA novel manuscript that I am working on – a YA novel that begins in the Cape Breton Highlands and involves Bigfoot, Coyote, Raven, and an ancient shaman who has been reincarnated as a Winnebago motor home. I intend to finish this by the early summer – although you folks might not see it in print immediately. I’d love to see this yarn released traditionally – either through Nimbus if they don’t think this tale is a little too way-out there for them – or possibly another Canadian YA publisher. I have had so much success with SINKING DEEPER that I feel it is high time I stuck my foot back into the traditional publishing field and got something out there that is series-worthy.

I’m bringing my camera with me as well and I intend to take a lot of photos and keep my blog followers appraised of my back-to-back book tours of Nova Scotia and Southern Ontario.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon