Bucket List for a Writer…


First off Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson’s movie THE BUCKET LIST was pretty freaking funny – and then it made you cry.


I cried.

Big old bucket-sized tears streaming down my cheeks and sopping into my beard.

That’s what good storytelling will do to you. It will yank on several of your emotional chains.

Make you scared, make you laugh, make you cry.

Same thing worked for BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Made you laugh when you watched that monster puffing away on that cigar.

Made you cry when the monster realized that the object of his desire found him repulsive.

Made you scared when you saw him looming out of the shadows.

Multiple emotional assault.

Anyone remember Bruce Lee in ENTER THE DRAGON?

When he is talking to his student and telling him to “pull my finger”.


That’s what your story needs.

Not just any one single emotion.

Bring on a whole freaking bucketful of emotions!

Remember that, grasshopper.


Now – about that bucket list.

First item on my bucket list – buy me a freaking bucket.

One of those big shiny metal buckets that clank when you carry them – maybe with a few Robby the Robot Rules stickers on the side.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

PS: Let me right a terrible wrong. This entire blog entry was inspired by a single Tweet from Jeremy Shipp.

Check out Jeremy’s blog entry Bucket List and follow him. And don’t just follow him – buy some of his books. The dude is REALLY funny!

And scary, too.

The whole bucket of emotion-enchilladas!


3 responses to “Bucket List for a Writer…

  1. Now I’ve got the monster saying “smoke…good!” stuck in my head…


  2. I loved “The Bucket List”. It’s a movie I could watch ever few years just to remind me I need to get those things done.


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