The Bloody Valentine Blog Hop 2013 – part 3

All right – so Valentine’s Day is over – but so what?

It’s ALWAYS a good time for a little romance.

Uncle Wilfred’s Dancing

He gets up there at every wedding

dancing by himself

broad of shoulder, with a full cargo of belly-meat

hard as a medicine ball and twice as bouncy

no steps, no real rhythm

just a sort of swaying shimmy shake

that reminds me of temple elephants

trodding patiently down a trail they could only feel in their feet

folks giggle to themselves

and I felt the slow kindle of shame

flame across my cheek

and I look away

he used to dance with my aunt Ella

back before that third stroke counted her down

he couldn’t dance any better then than now

but at least he didn’t look so lonely up there

he dances for life

rehearsing each unrehearsed step

so that he’ll be good and be ready one day

to swing a jig with old lady death.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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