Valentine’s Sale on Three of my Nimbus Kobo Releases!

I want to let you folks know that there is a THIRTY PERCENT OFF discount code at the Kobo store for THREE of my Nimbus releases.

Just use the 30% off coupon at the checkout.



From today until VALENTINE’S DAY you can order

Maritime Murder double-cover

MARITIME MURDER – nineteen gripping true tales torn from the pages of maritime history.

Regularly priced on Kobo at $10.99 – currently discounted to $7.99.

With the 30% coupon that takes another THIRTY PERCENT off of the regularly discounted price of $7.99!


Or try SINKING DEEPER – a novel which begins with a jailbreak that leads to a clothesline pole hijacking, an impromptu Main Street midnight caber toss and a subsequent inadvertent dory sinking – giving birth to the notion of the following invention of a sea monster. Throw in a musical saw interlude, a gum-booted dragon dance, a couple of ghosts and the accidental near-assassination of David Suzuki his-own-self and you’ve got a bit of an idea what this book is about.

Sinking Deeper final cover

SINKING DEEPER is usually sold for the Kobo at $8.99 – but now is available for $6.99 – PLUS a thirty percent discount if you order before Valentine’s Day!

Finally – how can you pass up a chance to read THE LUNENBURG WEREWOLF?

the Lunenburg Werewolf fullsize

THE LUNENBURG WEREWOLF is ordinarily priced at $11.99 in Kobo format – but you can pick up a copy today for a mere $8.69.

USE THE THIRTY PERCENT DISCOUNT CODE to get an EXTRA thirty percent off!

Don’t delay.

Buy one today.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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