My Big E-book Adventure – the January Report…

I’m going to post this a few days early – just because I’ll be travelling at the end of the month.

So where am I going?

I’ll be leaving at the crack of crow’s-piss – bright and early Friday morning to fly to Toronto for the Ontario Library Association Conference where I’ll be joining the folks at the Follett table at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. I’ll be signing books from 11:30am to 12:30am.

I’m VERY excited about this opportunity. Believe it or not – I have never actually BEEN to Toronto before now. I’ve had a couple of brief Toronto layovers – and even hitchhiked AROUND Toronto on my way to the woods of British Columbia – but I’ve never actually stopped anywhere outside of the Toronto airport until now.

It’s still going to be a FAST visit. I’ll be leaving that very night – but I’ll be back again on May 16, 2013 for the BIG Festival of Trees Silver Birch event.

In addition I’ll be touring through several festivals and events in the maritimes in April and May – and I’ll do my best to keep you all informed on developments as they unravel. I’m afraid I am a little disorganized these days – I feel like I’m attempting to juggle jellyfish – but I”m definitely having a blast.

If ANY of you readers are ANYWHERE in the OLA on Friday drop by the Follett table and say “Hi!”.

Better yet, drop by the Follett table and say something more along the lines of “There, there, Steve. You’ll get organized one of these days…”

Or barring that – I’m sure my wife will tell me what to do.


While I’m visiting Toronto on Friday I’ll be taking a quick tour of the Kobo facilities. I am REALLY looking forward to meeting these folks and getting an eyeful of what the facilities look like.

I’m sure it will be something along the lines of this…

Anyone remember this game?

I absolutely LOVED it when I was a kid – and still do.

All kidding aside I am REALLY impressed with all that Kobo has done for me. Which brings me to the main point of this blog entry. My January report.

As I’d reported previously I’ve REALLY just become an indie self-publishing author as of November 2012 – which was when I released the FIRST episode of my series/serial – (no, I still haven’t decided what exactly I should call it) – FLASH VIRUS.

Flash Virus: Episode One is ALWAYS free – and I have given away about 8000 copies so far, through Kobo.

In November I sold a pretty meager ELEVEN e-books through Kobo – primarily Flash Virus Episode Two and Three.

In December I sold a likewise meager FIFTY-FIVE e-books through Kobo – including thirty-two copies of Episode Two and twenty-three copies of Episode Three.

As of today – January 27 – I have sold ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN e-books through Kobo – including forty-seven copies of Episode Two, thirty-three copies of Episode Three and thirty-six copies of Episode Four.

The numbers are STILL pretty punky.

But if you stop and look at the percentile growth I am pretty impressed. Eleven to fifty-five is five hundred percent growth. Eleven to one hundred and sixteen is over a THOUSAND percent growth.

I’m still well on my way to my end-of-year goal of selling over five hundred copies a month.

Meanwhile, I’m hammering away at Episode Five – which will conclude the first book in the Flash Virus series/serial.

I will have it completed by February 7.

The cover is already being worked on by the talented Keith Draws.

I will have it in Kobo and Kindle format by February 10th.

I also intend to release an omnibus version shortly afterwards that will include all FIVE episodes – as well as some bonus material. I will release this omnibus FIRST in e-book format and then shortly afterwards in paperback format – so yes, all of you folks out there who have NOT embraced the e-book will get a chance to read FLASH VIRUS in traditional print format.

I’ll be working with Kobo to set up a pre-order offer for that paperback version of FLASH VIRUS.

I ALSO intend to begin work on a new season of FLASH VIRUS – as well as beginning work on a new series.

Along the way I ALSO have to keep up with my editorial duties on Tesseracts 17 – although I have discovered that I intensely suck at being a professional editor. I am way better at just making stuff up.

So, that is where I am at today.

I want to thank EVERYONE who is following along with my FLASH VIRUS series/serial. I am really proud of this book and I am REALLY pleased by the pace of it’s sales. I am hoping that momentum will continue to flow in the direction I want it to go.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


If you’re wondering why I HAVEN’T bothered mentioning my Kindle sales – it is because they are ridiculously low. As far as Kindle and possibly the USA is concerned – Steve Vernon has fallen off the map.

Let me give you an idea on the numbers I’m talking about.

Of those 116 e-books I have sold in January – 58 were sold in Canada, 37 were sold in the United Kingdom, 15 were sold in the USA, 3 were sold in Australia and 3 were sold in New Zealand.

My Kindle independent sales for January are at about 16 copies so far.

For some reason I have fallen off of the US and Kindle radar. I could run around and set up promotions and wave my hands in the air and panic a little – but I’ve decided to concentrating on getting the writing out and raising my Kobo-based profile. The Kindle and US sales will either catch up or not. I’ve got to feed the fire where it’s at its hottest.


Speaking of Kobo – and folks not embracing the e-book – you have a brief window of opportunity to pick up a Kobo Mini for a mere $59.99 from now until Valentine’s Day.

Even if you don’t want to buy a Kobo Mini – you should still hit that link and check out the REALLY cool illustration that goes along with it.

By the way – my wife and I each own a Kobo Mini and we really love it. There are fancier devices out there – but this little gadget gets the job done right. I don’t need all the bells and whistles – or at least I can’t afford them just yet.


Lastly, let me give you this one link for the writers out there who are just breaking their way into the e-book world.

You’d be doing yourself a favor if you follow Joanna Penn. Start out with this blog entry. It REALLY tells you what to do.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


3 responses to “My Big E-book Adventure – the January Report…

  1. I don’t think those numbers are bad – what they’re telling you is that people take a long time to read a freebie but they are and as more of those 8,000 get round to it, so more of them are buying the second one.

    Thanks for sharing. I sell about ten books a month on Amazon and about ten books a year on Smashwords so rest assured the figures look distinctly un-punky to me.




    • Thanks for the good words, MTM. I’m sure once you get that third book in your trilogy out there you’ll see a better rate of sale. The world certainly needs a few more magic thimbles!


  2. For all of the folks who were wondering – my final January sales figures for my Kobo indie books wound up at 143 copies. I’m hoping to out-do that in February.

    Keep your fingers crossed.


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