Flash Virus going up in price…

Flash Virus Kindle formatFlash Virus Episode FourFlashVirusFinal Ep3-Kindle


Flash Virus Episode Four




















Hey gang!

Inflation is among us.

Within the next day or so I will raise the prices of FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE TWO, THREE and FOUR.

Currently, EPISODE ONE is FREE and the other three are available on Kobo and Kindle for 99 cents per episode.

However, within the next day or so I will be marking each book up to $1.99 – although EPISODE ONE will continue to be free.

Each of the cover illustrations above are linked to the Kobo e-book – however, the books are ALSO available in Kindle format through Amazon.

You’ve been warned.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


5 responses to “Flash Virus going up in price…

  1. Good idea, Steve. At $1.99, Kobo will pay out at double the royalty so that means you can realize 4x the revenue from one sale. I do not believe that the price jump will cost you many sales. Good luck and see you around.


  2. sherryl-annette snyder

    I will want your books since I don’t think I can get them till after the third. Except for the free one.


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