Context, context, context…

Yesterday morning on the way to work I bough a large cup of Starbuck’s dark coffee. That’s how I asked for it – “Give me a large cup of dark coffee.” You see, I like the taste of Starbucks coffee – but I REFUSE to hable that Starbuckian patter.

“Would I like a tall blonde to go with that coffee?” the girl at the counter asked me.

Wow – talk about customer service.

“No thanks,” I said. “I’m married.”

“I mean a coffee.”

“A coffee to go with a coffee? I don’t get it?”

“We’re having a promotion. You can get a free tall blonde with every cup of coffee you buy.”

“I repeat, I’m married.”

I finally figured out she was offering me an extra cup of coffee – which I took with me to work and handed off to one of my fellow employees.

I’m still wondering how a fellow as I am was expected to handle a tall blonde and a strong cup of coffee at the very same time…

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


4 responses to “Context, context, context…

  1. Once I was at a Starbucks and behind the counter was a stunning African girl. I pointed to my travel mug and said “Could you fill this with something dark?”
    She looked at me haughtily and said: “Well, I’m dark.”
    Marriage had atrophied my flirting muscle, so I spluttered and stammered and retreated. Maybe that girl really was offering you a tall blonde.


  2. Phnark. I always get to the point where I want to pummell them into submission shouting, “just give me a blummin’ coffee dammit!”




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