FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE FOUR – Now Available in Kindle and Kobo format!

Flash Virus Episode Four

Those folks who have been following my series/serial FLASH VIRUS – you will be MORE than happy to know that the fourth episode has just gone live in Kindle format on the Amazon website.

I am REALLY excited about this episode. Things really begin to heat up. In fact, I’d call this episode a barnburner.

In fact – you stack a whole barn full of barns into a a town filled with nothing but barns – and burn all that – and you still aren’t going to come within a billion degrees of the heat that is wrapped up in this episode. There are a couple of scenes that will knock your toes right out of your socks – so get used to the reek of toe-jam as you curl up to read this ripping great yarn.

Available from Kindle and Kobo for a mere 99 cents!!!


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