RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat

Here’s a link to my latest guest blog appearance at the Reader’s Guide to E-Books (RG2E).

I wrote this article to let people know that sometimes it is just fine to futz around and figure things out as you go along. There are WAY too many “this-is-what-you-do” gurus out there trying to pressure you into doing what they think the right thing is – every time.

The fact is – we all carry our own compass and we all need to figure things out by our own self.

For example – I run into WAY too many self-publishing gurus who loudly laugh at the fact that I still stick with a traditional publishing company – but I figure it takes more than one kind of bait to catch yourself a proper fish.

Anyway, give this a read.

RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

One response to “RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat

  1. Okay… it’s now 11:00 AM- wavin’ atcha from Kingston, ON. I came into my office to do what I really don’t enjoy doing- and that’s the whole Social Media stuff. It’s a gd time vampire, and I haven’t done any for over two weeks.

    I follow the WG2E, and linked up thru that to your blog post I just finished reading. I then skeedaddled over to Amazon and DID NOT download your book right away- book; hunh… 56 pgs??? Instead, I READ your preview, OK?

    Got two pages in, and then downloaded the book.
    I’m not going to the library today, b/c I have my evening read on my netbook. It looks great, and I’ll put in a review when I’m done, and I’ll throw it up on my FB yadda yadda- that is, if it stays as good as you opened, fair enough?

    You opened as good as anything King would do, man. He better watch his back.

    As far as you exhorting writers to get their asses back to the book, I couldn’t agree more, man. I honestly don’t have a clue how some authors who FB, tweet, blog in three or four spots a day find the time.

    So, to wrap- dynamite post, your book looks great (yeah, I’ll be buying part 2 tomorrow), and I’m glad I stumbled across you.

    I gotta get back to work now. Keep on keepin’ on.



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