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Christmas Giveaway

See the clever way I used all-caps in the blog title to get your attention and to hide the fact that I’m STILL not certain how to spell e-reader – (e-Reader? eReader? Funny-box-with-books-inside?)

Well – in all seriousness I am calling you here today to tell you that I got myself a brand new e-Reader for Christmas – and I absolutely LOVE it.

Wouldn’t you like an e-reader of your very own?

Well – why not take a swing over to the EPIC KINDLE GIVEAWAY blog and order yourself a 99 cent e-book – (possibly even a copy of my vampire/hockey novella SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME) – and get signed up on the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a brand new Kindle Fire e-reader or some of the two hundred dollars in Amazon coupons that we’re giving away.

Do it now.

Don’t delay.

Sudden Death Overtime - final art


And – in hindsight – I want to apologize to all of the Facebook friends and Twitter followers whom I have BLUDGEONED with updates and e-elbow-nudges regarding this promotion.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat

RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat.

RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat

Here’s a link to my latest guest blog appearance at the Reader’s Guide to E-Books (RG2E).

I wrote this article to let people know that sometimes it is just fine to futz around and figure things out as you go along. There are WAY too many “this-is-what-you-do” gurus out there trying to pressure you into doing what they think the right thing is – every time.

The fact is – we all carry our own compass and we all need to figure things out by our own self.

For example – I run into WAY too many self-publishing gurus who loudly laugh at the fact that I still stick with a traditional publishing company – but I figure it takes more than one kind of bait to catch yourself a proper fish.

Anyway, give this a read.

RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon speaks on Sweet Diddly Squat.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Why e-authors still need to get their work in print…

Back on cyber-Monday I purchased myself and my wife a brand-new Kobo Mini.

Kobo Mini




It’s a $79.99 device and was offered that one day for $49.99. So I ordered two of them. And I ordered the cases for them. We’ll open them up at Christmas and I will finally embrace the new e-age.

I figure that it is about time I did.  I’ve been writing e-books for over a year – with nearly two dozen e-books out in “print”.

So I darn well better own me an e-reader.

But not everybody uses the e-reader they get.

I know several people who have bought e-readers and just haven’t found the time nor need nor desire to use them more than once or twice. Some of them can’t figure out how to use the device. Others find it simpler to just pick up a book. And then others never read in the first place – and are given e-books by concerned relatives under the mistaken that simply having a battery attached to the device is going to turn a non-reader into a reader-gone-wild.

There’s probably a dirty joke in their somewhere – but let’s rise above that shall we???

This failure-to-adapt is not an uncommon phenomenon.

According to a recent survey – over a third of the e-readers that are given at Christmas are only used once.

That is an interesting statistic.

Let’s face it – some of us deal with change a little slower than others.

Heck, it took me this long to realize that I should be spelling it eReader rather than e-reader.

The truth of it is – a lot of us want to OWN an eReader, but that doesn’t mean we will use it!

Having a hard time swallowing that? Just think of that last treadmill/exercisebike/Bowflex that you bought on New Years Day three years ago. You know, that thing that you use as a coat rack?

You had to own that, too – now didn’t you?

So – this is why all of us indie e-book authors need to NOT forget about paperback format.

The fact is – the paperback still continues to sell. The publishing world is being modified by the assault of the digital – but that doesn’t mean that we can all start relegating our paperbacks to granddaddy’s dustified attic.

No sir, no ma’m.

People STILL want to read paperbacks.

I know that.

You ought to know that too!

So my next step throughout 2013 is going to be getting more e-books out there – but likewise getting those e-books into paperback format.

Which brings me to CreateSpace. This, as far as I can see – is the best way of getting your paperbacks in print and in distribution.

So how is it done?

Well – I haven’t done it yet – haven’t even started learning – but I wanted to hand you over to a blog entry I found that was VERY VERY interesting and informative.

Check out Lynne Cantwell’s My Journey To The Center of CreateSpace.

This will give you some important information on how to go about getting your e-books into paperback format.

I’ll let you know by the end of January how my journey into CreateSpace works out. I’m backed up with all kinds of demands and obligations – but I intend to see at least ONE of my e-books into paperback format at that time.

In the meanwhile – here are a couple of more really informative blogs that you might want to read.

Writing Like It’s 2009!

How To Get Started Selling Fiction in 2013!

The Five Stages of a Writer’s Growth!

That’s all for now.

Don’t neglect your eReaders…

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


My Writing Life – Steve Vernon

“My Writing Life” Q&A with Kobo Writing Life’s Steve Vernon

Click it. Read it. Comment.

Then go and buy a book!



My Writing Life – Steve Vernon.

Author's photo, with beaver



Why am I smiling???


Because SINKING DEEPER is now available in Kobo format!



And don’t forget my Christmas stocking stuffer – SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS.

shotgun christmas (2)







yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon



Woohoo – I’m number sixteen in CANADA!!!

Okay – so this is pretty freaking cool. My YA novel, SINKING DEEPER, is #16 on this week’s Quill And Quire bestselling Canadian Children’s Book list. Pretty cool to see my book listed alongside of Robert Munsch and Kenneth Opel!


Within the next couple of days SINKING DEEPER will be available in Kobo and Nook format.

Eventually it will be available in Kindle format.

I’ll keep you posted on the details.


Meanwhile, my new Christmas release SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS is available in both Kindle and Kobo format.

shotgun christmas (2)



SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS is a mini-collection of two short Christmas related stories.

The title story originally appeared in A Maritime Christmas: New Stories and Memories of the Season (Nimbus 2008)

The second story, “Scalping Santa”, has NEVER been published before.

I figure I’m not going to make a HUGE amount of money from this release – but I really wanted to put something out for everybody’s Christmas stocking.

Here’s the opening paragraph.

There is a big old sledding hill not more than two or three good snowballs’ worth of distance from our home, just behind Hank Macabee’s house. That hill was waiting for me and my brand new toboggan. It’s one of those sneak-up kind of hills with a long slow ride down that picks up speed as it goes with a bump-hump at the end that you never see coming.

I didn’t see what was coming next, either.

The Christmas tree crashed through Hank Macabee’s bay window. The tree stand clattered behind it and bounced with a clank on Hank’s half-frozen front lawn. Hank came through the door, shotgun in hand. He wore a Nova Scotia plaid bathrobe and a pair of fuzzy blue Smurf slippers. He pumped and blasted the Christmas tree, shattering the decorations that escaped the initial picture window caber toss.

He continued pumping and blasting until his shotgun ran dry.

You really want to read this yarn to see where it goes next…


Available on Kindle

Available on Kobo


yours in storytelling

Steve Vernon