Mic Mac Mall Book Signing

The best part of the signing? Arriving early and having the chance to grab dinner at the Villa Madina in the Mic Mac Mall Food Court. I had the Beef and Chicken Shwarma plate with the cabbage, lentils and rice, potatoes and some pickled turnip. If you haven’t eaten there, try it. It’s a food court set-up, but it tastes like something you’d find in a great sit-down Mediterranean restaurant.

I had a hard time finding my signing table. Turns out they had me set up WAAAY at the back of the store – due to all of the Christmas sales tables up front – which made it a bit of a hard sell. The management admitted afterwards that they were considering putting a smaller table up front to make it easier for visiting authors to reach the public.

Still, the numbers were good.

According to my tally I sold seventeen books – including nine copies of Maritime Murder.  That’s not bad for a two hour signing. People are DEFINITELY in the mood to shop in November.

I was happy to see that they had a very comfortable chair for me to sit in. I have been having some trouble with my back – an old warehouse injury that flares up every now and then – and I had been worried about this enough to contact the store a day before and plead with them NOT to have a standard metal folding chair.

Glad they listened. I was quite comfortable.

The problem came later.

I stayed a little late because the crowd were definitely in a buying frenzy. I headed for the bus at about 5pm and got home about 7:30pm.

Turns out the buses were ALL running wonky, due to the Christmas Parade.

The Number 10 showed up about 45 minutes late and crammed about two busloads of people onto the bus. It was one of those bendie-buses and I wound up standing on the circle in the middle of the bus, trying to keep my balance as the floor beneath my feet swung and twisted on every corner – leaning so close to one man that I thought I might have to propose marriage to him.

The bus took a different route and I wound up getting off on Gottingen and walking back to North to catch the Number Four home.

My back was killing me by the time I got home. Had some supper, watched a movie, drank a beer and scarfed down popcorn.

All in all it was a pretty good day.


I should mention to you that FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE THREE is now available on BOTH Kindle and Kobo versions.

I am REALLY pleased with the way that the covers have been turning out. The artist, Keith Draws, is one heck of a talented fellow.

Hook up with him on Facebook if you’re looking for some wild cover art. 


You can order the book ON AMAZON.COM!

on Amazon.com.uk



Either way – it’s only 99 cents!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

7 responses to “Mic Mac Mall Book Signing

  1. It does sound like a productive day, and you got to end it with popcorn!

    You didn’t mention the store you were in, or my brain is still too tired from sloshing in the mud yesterday. I can’t recall a book store in Mic Mac Mall. Or do you mean Chapters? I don’t look at Chapters as being part of the mall–they’re on the other side of the street.

    Diane, who is preparing for another day of hauling gravel and mulch and building a pasture fence.


  2. Book signings sound like so much work, but I’m glad that yours proved successful. Love the cover for the third installment! Hope the back feels better!


  3. Congratulations, Steve! I think authors who do book signings are very brave.


  4. Very glad that the signing went well! Villa Madina does make kickass food, too. 🙂


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