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Happy Sunday, RG2E Peeps!!!

Who remembers those three magic words – to be continued?

RG2E Featured Author Steve Vernon does and here’s the scoop on what he’s doing with ’em…

I first read them in a Marvel comic book. As I recollect, The Hulk was just about to put his fist directly through the head of Thor, God of Thunder.

Now, that didn’t bother me that much. I always was more of a Hulk-rooter than a Thor fan. What can I tell you? The dude with a hammer and long hair – how sissified was that?

But I still remember the feeling of reading those three magic words.

To be continued.

Words like that caught you by the throat and dangled you over a pit full of man-eating crocodiles – with a school full of pet piranha.

Words like that made you gasp and want you to hold your breath.

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