My first Library Thing Giveaway

I joined Goodreads and Library Thing at about the same date and proceeded to get involved with Goodreads, because it seemed to be the most accessible.

Lately I have reconsidered a little and become more involved in Library Thing.


Good question. Glad you asked you it. What do you mean you didn’t ask it? It says so right there, now doesn’t it? Clearly you must be mistaken.

Library Thing is a lot more friendly to e-books. They allow you to freely set up giveaways and promotions for your e-book publications. For a writer such as myself who is eagerly attempting to raise his profile in the digital world this is a godsend.

A week ago, very quietly, I set up my first ever Library Thing Giveaway and gave out ten review copies of FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE ONE.

In turn, each recipient has promised to write an honest review of the e-book. That’s important – because reviews can help to stir the blood of prospective new readers and get them reaching for their e-wallets. Likewise, there is always the possibility that each of these ten reviewers will get so addicted to the story that they will rush out and purchase a digital copy of FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE TWO which is now available.


And, by the time they read Episode Two they might be ready for Episode Three – which is on the launch pad.

So – congratulations to Library Thing members

Lesa Neace

Kimberlee Thomae

Logan Gerber-Chavez

Jill Judson

Melissa De Leon

Ashley Cox

Sara Sykora

Jessica Hicken

Brandi Wollerton

Walt Kretzmann

I just want to thank you ten people for the confidence you have demonstrated in my words by signing up for a chance to win a free Kindle copy of FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE ONE. I truly appreciate your support.

If any of you blog readers out there are members of the Library Thing community feel free to friend me.

And, likewise, keep an eye out for my next upcoming Library Thing Giveaway – five copies of TATTERDEMON and five copies of SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME – to be given away on November 13th.

And – for those of you who have a Kobo e-reader don’t forget that FLASH VIRUS: EPISODE ONE is always free.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon





5 responses to “My first Library Thing Giveaway

  1. I looked at Library Thing about six months ago. It looked confusing 🙂 So after two minutes of glancing through things, I went on to more pressing tasks, meaning to get back to it. Last night, I decided to ‘set myself up’. Two hours later, I still hadn’t finished adding details of my books, but at least I had started.

    So, they do giveaways too! Just like Goodreads, except you can giveaway eBooks. Great. I hadn’t gotten that far. The many ‘forms’ to fill out felt like I was completing something for the government. So many fields. I suppose it will be worth it in the end, but very time consuming. Now I think I’m waiting to be approved as an author. I hadn’t realised I needed to do that until an hour into my ordeal.

    I think I just befriended you on your page, but I’m not sure. I hit a Friend button but I’m waiting approval.


  2. Best of luck with the book and the reviews Steve. Remind me never to doubt I’ve said something when I clearly see you’ve written it in front of me as proof.


  3. Another social media thing to jump on? But I already ignore G+ and Goodreads as it is. In all seriousness, best of luck with the series.


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