Guild Of Dreams

I’m honoured to have a fellow Nova Scotian and well-published author, Steve Vernon, with me as a guest at the Guild of Dreams. While Steve’s writings tend to venture into the darker side of things, it’s often done with a goodly dose of humour. He’s a prolific, dedicated writer and one of the hardest working wordsmiths I know. But why don’t I let him do some of the talking…

1) Who are you ?
Who am I? That’s an awfully good question. Sometimes I wonder about that. Sometimes I think that I am going to have to start scribbling my name on my pyjamas in reverse-backwards so that I know just who I’m shaving in the bathroom mirror.
The fact is – I am a storyteller and I am a writer. I am one of those weird dudes that would rather spin a yarn than breathe. I don’t socialize…

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    Loved that interview.. Sherry


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