Speaking of Sea Serpents…

I’ve been teasing you folks with the news of a surprise announcement today. I can finally tell you all that SINKING DEEPER has made the short list for the 2013 Silver Birch Children’s Fiction Award.

What that means – right off the bat – is

 that approximately 3500 copies of SINKING DEEPER will be purchased for distribution to Ontario schools. In addition, I’ll be travelling to Ontario in the spring for readings, school appearances and bookstore signings.

This is GREAT news! Breaking into the Ontario market is a great boost to a regional writer such as myself.

Not to mention – as I announced a month or two ago – SINKING DEEPER has ALSO made the short list for the 2013 Hackamatack Awards – which means approximately 600 more copies sold as well as school appearances, library appearances and book signings.

So this Spring promises to be VERY lively for me – and I have already begun working on another Nova Scotia YA novel.

Yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon

4 responses to “Speaking of Sea Serpents…

  1. Congratulations Steve, I’m very pleased for you. Have added you to a book site on Pinterest
    http://pinterest.com/lorddavid/books/ and started a new board of which you’re the first
    http://pinterest.com/lorddavid/canadian-authors/ I’ll add you to more book boards as I go along and increase the exposure.


  2. That’s awesome, Steve!


  3. Well done Steve. Double-freaking-yowza indeed! 🙂


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