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Walker Art Center Award Winning Video…

My cat Kismet – (Kizzy for short) – is a wonderful pet. She lets you pet her when she feels like it, plays rubber-mouse-fetch when she feels like  and eats when ever we feed her.

In short she is the perfect cat.

Currently, I have a second cat living on our front deck. He ACTUALLY belongs to our next door neighbor but ever since a second Jack Russel Terrier moved into our neighbor’s home their big orange polydactyl cat Mr. Mumford has been spending most of the day sitting on our front deck.

Kismet is NOT amused.



Last month, the Walker Art Center held an Internet Cat Film Festival.

I know. I know. Now even art-house theater has yielded to the allure of I Can Haz Cheezeburger.

This French film based kitty flick took first place.



I have watched my share of artsy angst-ridden French flicks.

This one takes the cat…er…cake.

You can get all the details here!


yours in storytelling,

‘Steve Vernon