Why E-Books Will NEVER Completely Replace Traditionally Published Books

I’m big on e-books.

Well, actually, I am big all over – not just on e-books. I keep trying to add more fruit and vegetables to my diet but so far all I seem to manage is to just add “more”.

More potatoes.

More pudding.

More pizza pie.

Mmmmm, pizza pie…

I’m sorry. Where were we?

Oh yes, e-books. I believe that e-books are definitely a part of my future as a writer and I am pursuing that future just as hard as I can. In fact I have got more e-book releases coming up before this year is over with.

But today was one of those days in a writer’s life that e-books will NEVER replace.

I picked my author’s copy of THIS –



There is something wildly thrilling about uncartoning a stack of books with your name on it. There’s nothing in the realm of e-books that can touch that oh-my-god-a-book-is-born sensation.

In fact – I am pretty certain that the REAL reason why so many e-books are eventually turned into hard copy thanks to Create Source and other self-publishing venues is so that the author can order himself a whole carton full of paperbacks and sort of roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck used to do in his vault.

I mean, just look at them.


I’ll tell you all about the book in the next day or so. You can likewise catch me talking about the book at WORD ON THE STREET this Sunday.

And – the book will eventually be available in e-book format – at least in Kobo and/or Nook.

But for now let me just bask in this paperbound splendor.




Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

11 responses to “Why E-Books Will NEVER Completely Replace Traditionally Published Books

  1. Love the image of rolling around like Scrooge McDuck. Hard to do with ebook readers unless you are independently wealthy…


  2. Oh, wonderful, Steve…what a great cover…and congratulations…


  3. I’ve had this pleasure twice, Steve. And it never gets old. I still remember the time I received the magazine containing my first published article (back in 1998). I danced around the kitchen and read every word of it. It’s good stuff like this that carries us through the darker pages in life.


  4. I will always create a paperback of any novel I publish. Even though sales are meager, that glory of holding in your hand is priceless! I just don’t think it feels real until you can hold it, no matter how many ebook sales are pouring in. The book looks fantastic! Who did you use to publish that amazing matte cover?


  5. I can’t wait to roll around in my stack of paperbacks at some point. You do that with ebooks, you could hurt yourself. BTW, thanks for following.


  6. That must be an awesome feeling. Great book cover, by the way.


    • Thank you.

      Yes, it is an awesome feeling. Never gets old. I’ve got two anthologies that are due in the mail in the next week or two – books that I’ve sold a single story to – and I can’t wait to unwrap them and put them up on my “Books-I-wrote-and/or-appeared-in” bookshelf.


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