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Definitely an inspirational story!


I just wanted to share with you all an article about an amazing woman.

I’ve been following her journey for a while now and I can’t believe how much chutzpah she has. First of all, she has set her sights on what some say is an impossible feat: swimming from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage, through dangerous box jellyfish, terrible storms, and cold nights. Yet, Diana Nyad has attempted this three times before and failed. She just ended her recent quest when many thought she might actually reach the Florida’s sandy shore. Her sunburn, strained bicep muscle, and jellyfish stings ended her attempt. The most amazing thing of all—she’s sixty-three on Wednesday!

I could care less if she ever made it to Florida. I love watching her keep going—each time getting closer and closer. She never lets the failure stop her from trying…one…more…time.

She doesn’t let sharks, jellyfish…

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Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!


Lastly, you should buy some Steve Vernon books. In fact, everyone who reads this entry ought to go and buy some Steve Vernon books. It’s my birthday today – but even if it wasn’t you will find that just the mere purchase of a Steve Vernon book will bring an odd sense of satisfaction into your spirit. Your friends will say to you – “Have you been working out? You seem taller? Lost weight? Blackmailing Donald Trump?” – and you can just smile and say to them – “No, I just bought a Steve Vernon book.”

In fact, all of the self-help volumes in the entire universe – including those volumes written in obscure Babylonian dialects could easily be summed up with – “Forget about knowing thyself and learning a new word every – like flatulation – and forget about yoga and jogging and tantric breathing techniques – forget about social networking and improving your diction and wiping your mouth after you sneeze – just buy a Steve Vernon and keep on grinning.”

Is anybody buying this?


These are not the droids you are looking for…

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon