Nine Rules for Effective Tweeting – Written in Tweets

My wife is always telling me how she doesn’t get Twitter. So – in the interest enlightenment and education – and to fill up time when I REALLY should be writing – I’ve put together nine entirely nonessential guidelines for Tweeting.

1 –  If you want to learn how to tweet listen to the birds. They sing so sweetly – but it all boils down to worms-worms-CAT!!!-worms…

2 – Tweeting – or twittering – is best done at a regular random intervals – say like whenever you fart.

3 – The better you are at tweeting the worse you get. Don’t ask me why. It’s one of those Zen things.

4 – 140 characters isn’t much forget about punctuashn

5 – And spellin

6 – You don’t need to know anything to tweet. Even Lady Gaga can do it.

7 – Forget about italics, Twitter doesn’t allow for nuance…

8 – Tweeting is small talk for geeks.

9 – Tweeting effectively probably sells books – except when it doesn’t.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

7 responses to “Nine Rules for Effective Tweeting – Written in Tweets

  1. Giggling. Yup, not a tweeter myself, so…I just don’t get it. I have more to say then can be said in 140 characters. Anyway, I spend enough time socializing, I don’t need to tweet when I’m blogging, Goodreading, Facebooking and various other ‘ing’s. It’d be nice to think a cap has been placed on the number of social networks, but I’m afraid next year will bring the ‘next big thing’. Sigh.


  2. The art of the echo, re-tweeting.


  3. Love the second one, made me giggle.


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