I am the Great Clown Pagliaci…

Well, I’ve had a day to cool down from the three days of waterfront heat and I feel a little more human. The near-sunburn has calmed down into a slightly rumpled tan – actually everything I wear just naturally gravitates towards a state of “slightly rumpled”. In another life I may have been the by-product of a inexplicable DNA-cross-splice between Columbo’s raincoat and Mr. Snuffleupagus’s hide.

Now if only my eyes would stop stinging from the spray-on sunscreen that I accidentally zapped them with on Sunday – I swear to god I was aiming at my chin…

Must have been the beard deflected the spray.

I had a really interesting time performing at the CBC Community Tent – where I was representing the upcoming WORD ON THE STREET FESTIVAL – Sunday September 23, 2012 11am – 5pm. I wound up performing in the crafts tent – which was a little more challenging than I was used to. It was an open-air tent and I was competing with a combination of shade, conversation, umpteen crayon-glitter-glue-and-plastic-scissor inspired craft items and just the numbers of people that were walking back and forth alongside of the tent – which was located directly beside the waterfront walkway.

Open air gigs are ALWAYS challenging. But I managed to put on a good performance and actually got some of the kids up and involved in the storytelling experience, including a three year old toddler whose inner muse kept prompting him to walk directly across the stage – completely oblivious to the big bearded dude who was standing up there shouting so loudly.

Still, at the end of it I’d had a good time and the CBC folks were kind enough to thank me and I headed off from the waterfront, doing my best to gather my energy and recuperate on the way over to my dayjob – where I had a night shift awaiting me.

I must confess that part of my recuperation involved an ice-cold Dr. Peppers Ice Cream Float that I picked up at Boston Pizza before going to work that Sunday for my night shift.

Ooh baby, ooh baby.

That’s what a performer is supposed to do. Be adaptable and fit himself into any possible gig.

That’s all that a writer really is – no matter how much we want to talk about our academic standards. We are performing for the crowd. Our words must please, must enlighten, must entertain, must liven up another wise drab existence.

We are nothing more than court jesters with access to the internet.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you want to see just how much of a Jester I might be – then take a look at the highlights of my 2011 photoshoot for HALIFAX MAGAZINE.


And some more photos…


And some more photos…


“I am the great clown Pagliaci…”

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

4 responses to “I am the Great Clown Pagliaci…

  1. Those pictures are hilarious! Good for you that you are doing all this publicity. I think my slightly agoraphobic/stage fright would get in the way of me doing this, but I’m in awe of those like you who are able to get up and entertain everyone. And it does look like fun!


  2. Believe it or not, Lauren – there was a point in my life when I was painfully shy. And I still maintain a steadfast and nearly agoraphobic state of hermitic existence. I go into my Man Cave and I close the door and write!


  3. Great photos, Steve. It looks as though you (and the camera crew) had a great time. I can sympathize with you when it comes to ‘working’ doing what you love and then working a full shift through the night. I’ve pulled a few 22 hour days. It’s not fun, but they’re interesting to look back on.


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