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Here’s another look at the Kobo Writing LIfe.

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Kobo’s Writing Life platform, which was announced a few months ago, has left beta and is now available for all users. Kobo has been making a big push in recent months in a number of areas, and with Writing Life they’re offering a publishing and conversion platform that out-strips the popular KDP and PubIt brands in a number of ways. But can Kobo take the fight to Amazon and Barnes & Noble and really shake up the game?

Setting up a Writing Life account is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re happy to link it to your Facebook account. Once you’re in, the next step is to set up payment information. It seems pretty simple to enter your bank details wherever you are in the world, provided you have an IBAN number (which is easy enough to get), so here’s an area where Kobo scores big over its rivals. While…

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TALL SHIPS 2012 – my part in it…

For all of you folks in the Halifax area I want to start by telling you about the upgraded service that Metro Transit will be providing for the buses and the ferry service for this weekend’s kickoff to the Tall Ships.

Public Service Announcement


Transit service to Tall Ships 2012®

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 (Halifax, NS) – Metro Transit is extending its bus and ferry services during Tall Ships 2012®, beginning tomorrow, July 19 until Monday, July 23.

Extended Bus Service:

Thursday, July 19 & Friday, July 20 
#159 Portland Hills Link – Regular weekday service, with extended hourly service until 12 a.m.
#185 Sackville Link – Regular weekday service, with extended hourly service until 12 a.m.

Saturday, July 21 & Sunday, July 22 
#84 Tall Ships Special
-30 minute inbound service, 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Sackville to Barrington/Duke at MetroLink stop)
-30 minute outbound service, 11 a.m. – 12 a.m. (Barrington/Duke at MetroLink stop to Sackville)

Monday, July 23 
#159 Portland Hills Link – 30 minute service until 12:00 p.m.
#185 Sackville Link – 30 minute service until 12:00 p.m.

Supplemental bus service on other routes will be provided as needed.

Alderney Ferry Service:

Thursday, July 19 – Extended weekday service until 1 a.m. (last trip from Halifax departs at 12:45 a.m.)
Friday, July 20 – Extended weekday service until 1 a.m. (last trip from Halifax departs at 12:45 a.m.)
Saturday, July 21 – Extended Saturday service until 1 a.m. (last trip from Halifax departs 12:45 a.m.)
Sunday, July 22 – 30 minute all day service from 9 a.m. until 1 a.m. (last trip from Halifax departs at 12:45 a.m.)
Monday, July 23 – Regular weekday service

The Woodside Ferry will operate on its regular weekday schedule only.

Regular fares apply to all bus and ferry services; exact change required for cash fares. A list of retails outlets selling Metro Transit tickets and passes is available online at www.halifax.ca/metrotransit/retail_outlets.html.

For more information on Metro Transit bus and ferry services to the Halifax waterfront visit www.halifax.ca/metrotransit, follow @hfxtransit on Twitter, or call 490-4000.


Okay, so I hear you out there asking “Right, Steve – so what does this have to do with you?”

Let me tell you about it.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday exciting live storytellers will be taking part in specially organized Theodore Tugboat tours – and I am going to be one of them. They may have to fit out a gigantic storyteller-sized life jacket for this old dude but I am really looking forward to taking part this year.



Here is the schedule.

Theodore Tugboat Authors
Thursday, July 19 Friday July 20  Saturday July 21 Sunday July 22
11:30 leaves halifax Frances Wolfe Steve Vernon Jessica Scott Kerrin Alison DeLory
12:15 leaves Dartmouth
1:00 leaves halifax Carrie Muller Steve Vernon Steve Vernon Lindsey Carmichael

I am twice as excited because I have never ridden on Theodore before. It’s going to great to meet the little Tugboat. I wonder if it would be good form to ask a tugboat for an autograph?

If you want more information on Theodore Tugboat check out his website.


And, hey – if you really want to be cool you can follow Theodore’s Tweets over at Twitter.


Now who’d have thought that a tugboat can tweet???


But that is not all.

On Sunday, July 22nd I will be telling stories at the CBC  Tent from 1pm to 3pm. I’m looking forward to spinning tales about monsters and harbour history and maybe even a little something on Halifax’s part in the War of 1812.

Here’s a link to the CBC stage.


Anyone in the Halifax area might want to spread the word on this event. There is so much going on down there this weekend that I might get lost in the big wild whirl that is TALL SHIPS 2012.

See you there.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

This is a great article on the launch of the Kobo Writing Life Self-Publishing Platform. Folks who are looking for more information upon the Kobo would do well to start following the Digireado blogsite.


Please note: This blog has now moved to www.digireado.com.au. This post and fresh content will be found there. 

Regular readers of this blog will be aware I’m a bit of a Kobo fan. They launched early into the Australian market (May 2010) and were my primary ebook store for this reason.

I had high hopes about the launch of their self-publishing platform – Writing Life. I’ve always been impressed at the depth of knowledge Kobo had about their readers. I  feel that Kobo get the publishing industry. I believe they are demonstrating the same care and knowledge when dealing with small publishers or authors starting their indie publishing journey.

There are now many options available to authors who want to self publish and I’ve been comparing them all recently. In one way or another they all seem to have pros and cons. So how does Kobo Writing Life…

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Kobo Writing Life

Earlier this year I was approached by the folks at Kobo to help Beta Test their new KOBO WRITING LIFE program. I jumped at the opportunity because it fit perfectly in my plans. I had been inching my way towards exploring the world of the self-published author – and this new program seemed tailor-made for me.

My progress has been slow. I have only released the one e-book so far – FIGHTING WORDS – through Kobo Writing Life. Sales haven’t exactly been heroic – and I hold that to be my fault – because I have done very little to help market that particular e-book, beyond mentioning it in my blog and posting a few notices on Facebook. That is my fault – like I said – and I will not offer up a bag full of excuses.

So just the fact that there have been any sales whatsoever is a promising sign of the marketing possibilities with Kobo Writing Life. I’m just putting the finishing touches on my next Kobo release and hope to have a third release by the end of the summer – although this summer is getting awfully busy.

So I am woefully ill-prepared to offer up any sort of “this-is-how-to-do-it” advice on using the Kobo Writing Life portal beyond this. Kobo makes their portal very user-friendly. It is dead easy for a complete moron to figure out how to use it. They have gone out of their way to make it easy for a technologically handicapped old fart such as myself to figure out how to get his words into e-book format. The support folk have been very helpful with aiding me at every step of the way and I can only whole-heartedly recommend getting into this new self-publishing program.

Here’s a link to the Kobo Writing Life introductory page.


I really like the way that Kobo does not seek to bind you into only marketing through Kobo. And I like the way that you can keep the epub file of your book once it is released – which makes offering review copies very easy. The Kobo dashboard – which is where my sales figures are made visible to me as a Kobo author is very old-fart-friendly.

For more info on writing for Kobo check my blog entries –



yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon