Daily Archives: July 14, 2012

The Digital Revolution is Coming…HERE!!!


I got a flyer in the mail yesterday telling me that I could get all of my bills delivered to a single digital mailbox managed by Canada Post.

I could hear it coming, even then.

Just last night I watched JOHN CARTER OF MARS – which mostly sucked and I’ll tell you about that in a day or two – on a movie that I rented while watching my television. Those folks who know me know that I LOVE video stores – but there are no video stores close to where I live so I embracing the new technology and renting my movies from the devil-box rather than buying them.

It’s coming, I tell you.

Just a couple of days ago I read about a new program – started in Canada – for marketing e-books in traditional independent bookstores.

The company involved is called Enthrill. They are currently setting up free-standing kiosk displays in independent bookstores right across Canada – at which you can actually download e-books right in the store.

This is great news. All of this shouting about how e-books will kill off traditionally published books and bookstores could be neatly circumvented if there were more opportunities such as this one to marry the e-book with the traditional model.

There is a link to the Enthrill website if you want to find out more – just click on that photo up there as well.

So what does this tell me?

The fact is, the world is turning digital. We are entering The Matrix, and Skynet and the paranoiac cyber-country of writer Philip K. Dick. Every writer out there who thinks that e-books are just fad and won’t really catch on needs to shake their collective heads until their ears rattle off.

We vote online. We bank online. Just last year we did our National Census online.

Just take a look around you.

Standing at the corner of nearly crosswalk in the city is a pedestrian who is most likely going to get run over because they are caught up in either listening to their cellular phone or playing Angry Birds on their Blackberry or reading FIFTY MORE SHADES OF GRAY – THE NEW COLORIZED EDITION on their Kobo/Kindle/Nook/Apple gizmo-bot!

People, wake up. The digital revolution is happening. The desire to do everything while staring at a little metal box that we can carrying in our hands is overtaking people of all ages and sizes.

Maybe you haven’t come over to the dark side yet.

Maybe you still only read books that have been printed upon papyrus and bound in ox hide and fish glue.

Doesn’t matter.

We will infect you yet.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon