The First TATTERDEMON review…

Writers are always hunting for reviews.

A good blog review of your latest book is wonderful advertising to the entire readership of that particular blog. It is advertising that will stay there in the blog archives and continue to make new blog-followers aware of your work.

A good review at a bookselling site – such as Amazon, Indigo/Chapters, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and others is likewise valuable in that it serves as encouragement for new readers to pick up your work.

That is why I am always happy to see a new review.

Getting reviews is not always easy.  Whether you are dealing with a dedicated book-blogger or just a for-the-fun-of-it reader who liked or did-not-like your book enough to actually write a review of it – you are always going to be dealing with someone who most likely has a very long To-Be-Read list – and your book will get placed in line and you might not see a review for a very long time.

Mind you – sometimes receiving a review can be a somewhat mixed experience. If that particular reader did not particularly care for your book it can be downright painful. But even a painful review can still hold positive benefits for the long-term strategically-minded writer.

Even a bad review is apt to have some good points.

For example – “I really enjoyed Joe Blow’s sense of humor, even though I thought the plotline of Joe Blow’s latest e-book “MY DOG WAGS HIS TAIL AT ME” sucked harder than a thousand flushed toilet bowls.” – lets readers know that the book is good for a giggle.

And besides, toilet bowls are awfully useful.

I just read the first review of TATTERDEMON at WISTFULSKIMMIE’S BOOK REVIEWS and it truly rocks.

It made my morning.

It truly did.


PS: I guess if I were really the slick marketing genius coyote that I pretend to be I should tell you readers to try and make it a point to post a reviews of a book – if you truly enjoyed it – just the same way as I try to make it a point to eat low calorie bacon cheeseburgers with a salad instead of french-fries! And I should also mention that if any of you writers want some tips on GETTING reviews you might want to read my blog entry “Let’s review the art of getting a book review” right here –

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

One response to “The First TATTERDEMON review…

  1. Good stuff, Steve. I am looking forward to reading TATTERDEMON soon.


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