Hey folks.

I came across a blog entry today – thanks to my subscription to THE PASSIVE VOICE (

See, that’s country manners. Not only do I provide a little in-blog entertainment – but I also attribute my source material.

In any case the blog entry that THE PASSIVE VOICE referred to was on a so-called “country boy’s” opinion of e-books and e-publishing in general. It started me thinking about how I used to have take an hour long bus ride to get myself to a book store – riding a very old and very uncomfortable bus from Capreol, Ontario to the city of Sudbury.

Living in Halifax now I don’t have that problem. There is a bookstore in the mall across the street from my home. A dozen more within easy transit.

It worries me a little that online bookstores and e-books are putting brick and mortar bookstores in danger of extinction. Still, I am attempting to become a successful e-book author so I cannot dwell upon such a possibility.

And I will in all honesty admit that I could EASILY become addicted to ordering books online. The possibility for grazing and window-shopping is undeniable. I just have to click my way into Amazon and it is the Sears Christmas catalogue all over again. Do you remember that? When the Christmas would be delivered – and I actually delivered it in my town – every kid I knew had to sit down and write themselves out a gi-normous Christmas list.

I’d write a little more on this – but I have to go shopping for a new shirt and pants. I have a wedding to attend next weekend – and I need me some new duds.

So – in lieu of my fine articulate ponderings why don’t you have a look at what Stant Litore has to say in his blog entry.


Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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