I’m just getting dressed to go to work for a night shift but have just received some exciting news. Kobo has announced the launch of its new e-book self-publishing platform – KOBO WRITING LIFE!

I am very excited for a very particular reason. I was asked quite some time ago to be one of Kobo’s beta-test authors to take the new platform out for a “test spin”.

There are still a few hoops that need to be jumped through – this is all very new to me – but I have three novel-length works lined up for publication over the next couple of months – as well as a few shorter works – beginning with a brand new YA novel that I have written.
Look for more details in the days to come.

yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon

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  1. I appreciate it is good news, but on the other hand, dammit, why can’t there be just one digital publishing platform for all ereaders? This is worse than the vhs/betamax/philipsV2000 video wars of the 80s. (What, you never even heard of PhilipsV200? Is my family the only one who had a V2000 video machine?)


    • One device would risk the possibility and danger of a single-company monopoly on the business, Ken.

      The good news is Kobo e-books are built to be readable on most any other reader – especially if they are published without a DRM.

      I had to look up Philips V2000. No, I don’t remember it – but I do remember that laser disc machine – (the actual movies looked like big old 33rpm records).

      And eight tracks. I do remember eight tracks.

      And dinosaurs…them too.


      • Dinosaurs, yeah, feeling a bit like one of those myself, actually. No, I didn’t mean a single device, but a digital text standard for ereaders. So, we now have Blu Ray for HD DVDs, why can’t we have a single format for ereaders accessible across many devices?
        V200 video was interesting as it was DOUBLE sided video tape (I know, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? I magine how we felt in 1982!) That meant a single tape provided 8 hours of recording time (as long as you stayed at home to turn the tape over halfway through) or, if you put the machine onto slow mode, SIXTEEN hours of recording time. Boy, they knew how to make video recorders in the 80s. 😉


  2. That sounds fantastic, Steve! Congrats on being selected! Being able to set unlimited free days without exclusivity will give KDP Select something to think about. Please keep us updated on how it works out for you.


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