Letting Life In…

All right.

I’ve got something cooking, writing wise. Actually, it has been cooking for a while – but it is finally coming to a boil. I recieved word last night. I’ll be able to let you all in on it early in June – but for now I have to remain tight-lipped.

It has necessitated a lot of concentrated work on my part. Nailing one project. Building up another. Getting up a decent momentum. It is definitely time to get to work.

And yet I spent a fair bit of this afternoon planting a bed of raspberries. Yesterday I dug the trench. Last night I bought some fresh dirt and some good manure. Today I planted them deep in the dirt and soaked the ground. Also did a whack of weeding and I need to mow the lawn in a day or so. Throw in some housework along the way and it really soaks up the time.

So why do I do it? Why don’t I say – “To heck with the yardwork, I need to write.”

Because every kite needs a string.

My yardwork helps ground me – no pun intended. It brings me to earth. It gets me in touch with what really counts – namely, life. No matter how busy any artist gets – they need to leave a little room for life to leak in – or else their creative wells will run dry.

Creativity is a work of the spirit – and if you cloister yourself off from life you will find your writing – or what ever your artistic endeavor may be – will wither like an unwatered plant.

As the summer begins to unfold, leave a little time in your busy schedule for a little day to day reality.

And – while I’m at it – let me add a photograph of my raspberry patch.


















yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

3 responses to “Letting Life In…

  1. I can identify with this. For me, it’s running. I mean, life is pretty busy in our house, what with two kids, work, etc, but when I want to clear my head, let my mind mull over a writing problem, then I go running. I’m lucky, I go out of my front door, and after about 5 minutes running on concrete I’m out in the countryside, on the trails, or the canal twopaths. Peaceful.
    Thanks for the post.


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