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We Deal in Lead, Friend…my one hundredth blog entry

This is my one hundredth blog entry and I still do not know exactly what I am doing.

Let’s get that out of the way right off the bat.

I am just making this up as I go along – something that writers are supposed to be good at.

Theoretically, we get paid to lie proficiently.

I can do that.

This has been a very abundant month for anniversaries and accomplishments. Earlier this week marked the release of TATTERDEMON, my ninth e-book release from Crossroads Press.













That’s the ninth book in a little over a year.

You can check out my e-books just by clicking some of those covers that are lined up on the right hand side of this blog.

Saleswise – it hasn’t exactly been spectacular. I move about fifty e-books a month or about six hundred in a year. My bestseller – Devil Tree – moves about twenty-five copies a month.

How does that compare to my traditionally published books?

Well, having just recieved my six month royalty statement from my traditional publisher I can tell you that I moved about nine hundred copies of my traditionally published books in half a year.

I don’t have my other royalty statement handy and I don’t intend to root for it – but I can assure you with a great deal of conviction that the October statement is usually a fair bit better than the April statement.

Numbers wise – my bestselling book this statement was THE LUNENBURG WEREWOLF – which sold about 550 copies in the last half a year.  Second place belongs to HALIFAX HAUNTS – which sold about 200 copies in the last half a year. So those two books alone sold more copies in a half a year than my nine e-books sold in an entire year.












So – why do I continue to concentrate on e-book releases?

That’s a good question.

I believe that digital publishing definitely represents the best new direction for an author to follow. This is not the time to dally and linger in the past. So I will continue to forge ahead and attempt to raise my profile in the e-book market.

That doesn’t mean that I am giving up on traditional publishing. As I’ve said I’ll be launching a brand new 216 page Nimbus collection – MARITIME MURDER – this fall. It should be released in time for the Word on the Street, here in Halifax – one of my favorite times of the year in which I get to hang all day long with folks who are definitely interested in reading and writing.

However, at the same time I am pushing forward on the e-book front. I have two YA novels – one paranormal involving a Bigfoot, a Coyote, a Raven and a Winnibago; and one illustated YA novel involving a teenage “Fight Club” – that I am at the point of completing for release in e-book format. I have got two other YA novels that are roughed out and should be ready later this summer. In addition to those four novels I have several short stories and a couple of short YA historicals that will likewise be released as part of a new Kobo publishing push. This summer will mark a whole new direction for the Steve Vernon writing machine.

Eventually these other works will be available in other formats but the first release will be strictly through Kobo.

That’s all the news that I can tell you right now.

I will definitely keep you posted on further developments.




In addition to this being my one hundredth blog entry I also recieved word through the WordPress system that I have recieved my one hundredth “like” – which is likewise cool.






Since I first launched this blog I have managed to attract several new followers every month. I’m sure there is a way to figure out how many followers I’ve got – but I again refer you to that earlier comment about how I have absolutely no idea as to what exactly I am doing on this blog.

Nevertheless I was pleased and honored to recieve the VERSATILE BLOGGER award this week.

This is a great award on account of I really admire it’s pretty Hulk-like green color. However – with great awards come great responsibility – and I now have a whole new set of rules that I am required to follow, following this nomination.

Fortunately, I am versatile – or didn’t you read that green award two paragraphs past?

Rule Number One – I have to thank the person who nominated me – namely, Lauren Waters, a writer who has been a great fan of this blog from early days. You can find more about Lauren Waters at her blog – http://laurenwaters.net/ – and if you had any degree of “classitude” you would likewise FOLLOW Lauren Waters blogsite. So, thank you Lauren Waters – and I hope my stern commandments to the folks who are reading this blog bring you an entire new classitude stratum of followers…

(you see, if you have break out your thesaurus while you are writing a blog entry folks will be impressed at your abundant vocabulary and the mulititude of high-syllabic-word-structures that surface in your blog entry – which you file under B – as in Baffle them with Bullshit!!!

Rule Number Two – I have to share seven things about myself.

#1 – Like Lauren, I can also read palms. I did so professionally for about fifteen years and still show up at certain events and festivals throughout the year.

#2 – I am a gardener – and later this afternoon I will be planting a bed of orange gladioli and a bed of giant perrenial sweetpeas.

#3 – I frequently like to pretend that I am dumber than I actually am.

#4 – I am a monogomous old coot who really enjoys being married to the best bellydancer in the universe – namely my wife Belinda.

#5 – I am actually a passable cook – and I intend to release a cookbook with my wife Belinda later in the summer – again through Kobo.

#6 – I have a deep crush on Jamie Lee Curtis.

#7 – I have absolutely no idea what I am doing – (see #3)


Rule Number 3 – I must nominate SEVEN other Versatile Bloggers. This one rubbed a little bit the wrong way because I have long held a deeps-seated grudge against chain letters and those horrible Facebook entries that ask you to “Join up on Farmville and send me some help” or “Repost this entry if someone in your life recently died of the bubonic plague.” Never-the-less, I will attempt to nominate SEVEN other Versatile Bloggers.

Nominee Number One – Gef Fox – WAG THE FOX http://waggingthefox.blogspot.ca/

Nominee Number Two – Jim of THE GINGER NUTS OF HORROR http://thegingernutcase.blogspot.ca/

Nominee Number Three – Dave of LIFE AFTER UNDEATH http://www.lifeafterundeath.com/

Nominee Number Four – Kent Allard of DEAD IN THE SOUTH http://deadinthesouth.blogspot.ca/

Nominee Number Five – Mark Justice of THE POD OF HORROR http://www.horrorworld.org/poh.htm

Nominee Number Six – Colum of DREADFUL TALES http://dreadfultales.com/

Nominee Number Seven – Slade Grayson of BOOKGASM http://www.bookgasm.com/reviews/horror/sudden-death-overtime/




We deal in lead, friend!

So I’ll send out the nominations to the appropriate recipients and I’ll try and live up to that whole “VERSATILE BLOGGER” title.

But for now I have got to get back to my writing.

That new e-book isn’t going to write itself.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon