Still freebird…

Still free today.

SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME is now sitting in the #18 spot in the TOP 100 FREE IN KINDLE list. I’m hoping for a fresh new wave of downloading today to push it into the #1 position.

Let’s be honest, folks. I have no idea what being #1 will bring me.

Perhaps a huge upsurge of sales of my other Kindle e-books.

Perhaps a spontaneous revelation as to the meaning of the universe.

Maybe American Idol’s Randy Jackson will turn up at the front door and tell me  “Not too bad, dawg, a little pitchy in spots but your really brought it. You’re going to Hollywood!”

I’ll let you all know when I find out for certain…


Available on

Today and tomorrow only.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

2 responses to “Still freebird…

  1. Go Steve! Go Steve!


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