Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

SINKING DEEPER reaches reluctant readers…

There’s a brand new review of SINKING DEEPER that I am very proud of. It is written by the 13 year old son of a book reviewer who is a somewhat reluctant reader.

I’m always ecstatic when I hear about how much reluctant reading boys truly enjoy SINKING DEEPER and all of my ghost story collections. That is something that a lot of editors and publishers who produce reluctant readers forget. It is not just a matter of keeping the words simple and the plot basic. Kids – boys especially – dig ghosts and monsters and anything that goes booga-booga. Why the heck do you think that Harry Potter was so popular – even among boy readers. Magic and ghosts and monsters are wicked cool according to any boy I’ve ever talked to.


SINKING DEEPER was very popular at this year’s WOOZLES BATTLE OF THE BOOKS. It has also made the short list for next year’s Hackmatack Awards – an award that is chosen by kids in the schools.

Kids read it.

Kids dig it.

Isn’t that all that counts?