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Just in time for play-off season…

Just in time for the play-offs!

Read it between commercials.

Read it while your husband/wife/labrador retriever is monopolizing the television set!

Read it on the toilet!

(warning Will Robinson, too much info-dump…)

Just read it!






I know, I know – this is just another vampire/hockey novelette. But I am big-time excited to see SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME begin to move this month after a March of gentle stagnancy. There have been a couple of VERY visible reviews and the right people have begun to talk.

(insert dramatic music here)

Like it, tag it, buy it, review it. Read it to your cat. Carve SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME upon the bark of the oldest tree in the forest – and then apologize to the tree for defacing it’s grainy squirrel-ridden epidermis – and then buy and sacrifice 117 (a holy number in certain nameless sects) copies of SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME to the gods of random Amazon statistics.

Turn a rock over in your garden and whisper “sudden death overtime” to the fattest earthworm you unearth.

(hey, oligochaeta have e-readers too…)

“Steve Vernon gets it right. SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME hit all the right notes with me. A wonderful cast of characters, great dialogue between the characters and an evil bus full of vicious vampires. Reading SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME brought back so many memories of my childhood and our backyard skating rink that our father would painstakingly work on for hours. We would spend hours out there in the winter playing hockey. Of course, we didn’t have a bus load of vampires to fend off…unfortunately.” – Famous Monsters of Filmland

“With SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME, Vernon perfectly captures the dark heart of a Canadian Winter and the lifetime passion surrounding the game of hockey. He takes a group of old friends who never backed down from a fight on the ice when they were younger and still refuse to do so even when they’re old enough to know better. Toss on the rink some memorable characters, truly great dialogue, a bus load of nasty vampires, and a shocking surprise ending that you won’t see coming and you’ve got yourself a story that’s sure to be a winner.” – Gord Rollo – author of VALLEY OF THE SCARECROW

“Steve Vernon was born to write. He’s the real deal and we’re lucky to have him.” – Richard Chizmar

What are you waiting for? Order a copy today.

“This novelette reads like a bottle of very cold beer – goes down smooth and fast with very little after-burpage!” – The Hanson Brothers

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon