Taking the Queen’s Shilling…

In the beginning of this year Scott Nicholson and a couple of dozen other indie writers launched a huge promotion entitled the EPIC KINDLE GIVEAWAY!

You might remember seeing posters like this one floating around the internet.

I saw those images and I thought – cool, what a great idea. I wish I had thought of it.

It was a bold move by some bold writers who basically decided to form an ALLIANCE – (cool, who says that life isn’t like a game of SURVIVOR?) – to help promote their own Kindle releases.

That was a whole three months ago – damn near a millenium in this new ever-evolving digital age.

Imagine how pleased and tickled this weekend when a couple of days ago I was contacted and asked to join their “alliance”. It seems that they are in the midst of a re-tooling and re-evolution – (aren’t we all) – and they liked the cut of jib – (oh shit, why not throw in another metaphor, it’s not like we can’t mix them up like this) – and, in effect, I was immediately and spontaneously pressed into joining up.

It put me in mind of the old days when an officer would buy you a drink and when you took a swallow you realized that there was actually a shilling at the bottom of your glass. Then, when you reached out to fish that shilling out so that you didn’t accidentally swallow it and then you’d have to fish it out of something a lot less appetizing than a glass full of alcohol, that same officer informed you that just by touching that shilling with your fingers you had unknowingly “Taken the Queen’s Shilling” – which meant that you were now a member of the British army.

So, I have taken the EKG shilling and I am now a member of their mighty force.

Of course, the big Kindle giveaway has already taken place and we are searching for another way to help promote our indie books – and I will keep you all posted on further developments.

For now let me leave you with their banner – which you will find posted prominently on the right hand side of this blog.

And, you can also follow our Twitter links. There’ll be announcements of free Kindle books for all of those economically-minded cyber-bookhounds.

@EKGThrillers is the Twitter address.

And, for those folks who want to follow me on Twitter you can catch up to me here.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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