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An absolutely mind-blowing review of SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME!!!

Serial Distractions

ImageSudden Death Overtime by Steve Vernon (2012) : Available as an eBook from Amazon.com (Crossroads Press)

It doesn’t take long after an ominous black tour bus full of bloodsucking denizens of the damned arrives in a sleepy coastal village in Northern Labrador for people to start dying and the local church to go up in flames. Unfortunately, these vicious fiends are about to find out the only thing the old timers of Hope’s End do better than drink rum is play old school, rough-and-tumble, hockey.

What makes this story by Steve Vernon (Long Horn, Big Shaggy and Devil Tree) such a sheer joy is the characters. The venerable old farts of Hope’s End are curmudgeonly, hard-bitten, slightly drunk–and made of 100% heart. The protagonist, Sprague Deacon, does little more than drink with his friends and maintain the homemade hockey rink in his backyard for the local kids. When trouble comes…

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Well, it is a beautiful day out there and I’m going to go out into it very shortly.

It’s been a busy Saturday. Wrote two more chapters in my YA novel. I’m nearly at the 30K mark, aiming for 40-50K.

I also sent out a few more review requests. I’ve been hunting up book bloggers to review some of my work – because one can never have too many reviews. The only problem is that I hear back from one reviewer for every ten requests I make. It seems that there are an awful lot of writers out there these days and most of them are likewise hungry for reviews.

Yesterday I dealt with two interview requests, answering a sheet of questions for both of them. Some interviews are done that way – through e-mail. Others are done in person or over the telephone. You get a nice degree of spontanaity over the telephone or in person – but when you’re filling out answers for e-mail questions you have the opportunity to edit your answers and think them over carefully and add to them until you sound almost freaking brilliant. I think all of those wise people you hear about – such as Confucious and Solomon and the like – were all answering e-mailed interviews.

No question about it.

Last night I helped my wife Belinda move the furniture downstairs. We are in the midst of renovations. I get a new library out of it and Belinda gets a new office. We’re both happy. We’ve got a decorator doing most of the gruntwork but we have to move the furniture. We wound up carrying half of Belinda’s old office furniture upstairs. I was severely winded after a dozen trips up and down the stairs. I am not nearly as fit as I used to be. Too much beer and grease, I suspect.

Today I am going up over the hill to check out the corner video store that is going out of business this month. I’m going to miss the place, but I’ve bought a few of their old dvd’s and they are selling us their shelves for my new library. I also have to go to the grocery store and the mall for a couple of errands. I am looking forward to enjoying the sunshine.

Here’s a couple of links to some useful blog entries I have stumbled across.

Here’s a link to an article on improving your blog traffic. I could definitely use a few more followers to this blog. I might have to learn how to write someday… http://briclarkthebelleofboise.blogspot.ca/2012/03/how-to-gain-blog-traffic-from-writing.html?showComment=1331905113782

Does Bette Middler follow you? http://robonwriting.com/2012/03/15/does-bette-midler-follow-you/

How to Sell a 100 E-books in a day – now yer talking! http://www.molly-greene.com/how-to-sell-100-books-a-day/

And lastly, be sure to pick up a FREE Kindle copy of Jeff Bennington’s enormously informative e-book THE INDIE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE! I’ve got a copy and I’ve really learned a lot from it so far. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007D0HTFE

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon