Daily Archives: February 15, 2012

The Walking Man Talks – part 3

Well, this morning’s walk to work was very pleasant. The weather was lovely and mild and I found I expended a whole less energy. Besides that, I could hear the birds sing – which I couldn’t when my toque was jammed in tight about my ears.

I stopped to pet a pug named Jacob. Now, usually the name Jacob is a little weird for a dog – but it suited this pug nicely. His face was so squooged and wrinkled that I could almost picture him as a town elder.

“Go and ask Jacob,” mother told me. “He knows things.”

Well, perhaps he does, but all he said to me was “Got any dog biscuits?”

As I crossed the Commons I was surprised to find an entire story unfolding in my mind. I made note of it and wrote it down just as soon as I got to work.

Crossing the Commons I was treated to the sight of a dozen or skaters.

Now, I despise the Oval. To me, it represents a bookmark that is holding the page for another damn rock concert on the Commons. But looking at it these winter mornings I have to admit that it is an awfully good thing. I don’t skate, but it makes me grin just watching those skaters whizz past.

As for the bus strike, I am of mixed opinion on the news that the council refused arbitration. Yes, my feet would dearly appreciate a restoral of the bus system. BUT, if the bus drivers were so keen on arbitration that they went ahead and staged that big march then it kind of makes me think that they were figuring they would come out ahead in any arbitration. I’m not sure how keen I’d be in agreeing to something that has my opponent holding parades.

That’s just my vague opinion, you understand. I’m a writer, not a politician – and I know diddly-squat about the details. That’s the whole problem, I think. Most of us know diddly-squat. We know what the union is saying. We know what the management is saying. We know what the government is saying.

But as usual we know zilchamundo about the truth of the matter.

I was fortunate enough to score a lift home the last three days – so my energy level is a little perkier.


Lastly, let me add a few last minute thoughts.

There’s a great blog entry for e-book writers on Canadian writer Patrick Slade’s blog site. Check it out.  http://arthurslade.blogspot.com/2012/02/glorious-year-of-ebooking.html

And BAD VALENTINES is still going strong as a freebie book. It will be free tomorrow as well, but after that it goes back to the princely sum of $2.99.


So far, I don’t have a drive either way tomorrow, so I may be in for a bit more foot-slogging – but the good news is that a new season of SURVIVOR begins tomorrow night.

Yes, I am a plebian.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon