A good day…

Well, it has been a good day.

I just finished the final revision of a short story I had been working on for a while – involving a combination of Sasquatch, Sam Steele, an ancient Chinese Demon, and the building of the cross-Canada railroad as personified by a gigantic oil painting of the driving of the Last Spike in Eagle Pass, BC.

I was writing for a Canadian anthology that I’d been invited in on. It’s a strong solid tale and I’m fairly certain they’ll like it – but it’s always a crap shoot when you send any manuscript out.

I had a lot of fun writing this one, more than I’ve had in a while. Some days writing is a lot like work -but I was really excited about this story. I had been kicking around the idea for the characters involved in this story for some time and I don’t believe that they’re only going to turn up in one short story.

That’s the cool thing about writing short stories. It is very easy to reuse certain characters. For example, my Captain Nothing stories started out with just one tale and then I wound up writing several more until now I have nearly a dozen tales written about that particular masked crimefighter.

As well, I have a homeless shaman wanderer by the name of Easter Noon, who has turned up in about a dozen other stories. Someday I intend to put together a collection of Easter Noon stories as well.

Finally, I want to share some good news with you. I’ve just recieved word that there are two Steve Vernon novels scheduled for release in the next month or two. I can’t give you any details – except to tell you that one of them HAS NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE and another has VERY NEARLY NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE.

Both of them will be released in the next month or two in trade paperback!

I’m pretty exciited.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

4 responses to “A good day…

  1. Congratulations, Steve!


  2. Just recently finished both NOTHING TO LOSE and NOTHING DOWN and can’t wait for the teased volume 3 of the Adventures of Captain Nothing. Anything you’d care to share on this work?


    • Hey Jim. Many thanks for the good words.

      As for sharing the news on APOCALYPSE NOTHING (volume 3 of Captain Nothing) – a lot is going to depend on how well volume 2 sells. So far it has stayed WAAAAYYYY below the radar. One of those weird things. Everyone that reads volume 1 says they mostly love it – but nobody seems to be jumping for number 2.

      So, although if I was a crafty character I would say something along the lines of “Well, it is underway” or “It is so wild I can’t even talk about it” – but I guess all I can say is “Shoot, I haven’t even started writing it yet.”

      It is a fact that I am awfully busy – and I am currently working on a clean-up of my next original horror novel to be released by Crossroad somewhere down the line. I’m also caught up in the propoganda and publicizing of the next two Kindle Select releases.

      It’ll happen. I will tell you that. Captain Nothing is not done yet – and in fact the novella that will be volume 3 will eventually lead to another novella that will involve a crossover between Captain Nothing and the characters from Long Horn, Big Shaggy – and then enventually to an entire Captain Nothing novel.

      That’s the plan, anyway. But I’m always working on six different projects at any one time.


      • Sell, just as long as he hasn’t hung up his cape, I guess I can wait. There’s so much background story left to cover.

        Meanwhile, given the eventual crossover, I best get on to LONG HORN, BIG SHAGGY. I’ve had it in my TBR pile since it went up against THE SINISTER MR. CORPSE in the zombie wars.


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