The Walking Man’s Part 2 PS…

What I forgot to mention, and what really bothers me, is the effect this strike is having on retail. Yesterday I walked into the Scotia Square Starbucks and ordered a coffee without having to wait in line. The barrista said it has been slow since Day 1 of the strike. Same thing coming home. I walked through the Halifax Shopping Centre and it was nearly empty. So many people just can’t get out to casually shop. That hurts retail – which in turn hurts people. Philosophy aside, people work at all of these businesses, and if business continues to slow, people will lose work.

I’ve said it time and again – if the people had the negotiatian table depended on buses to get around – instead of the cars that ALL of them can undoubtedly afford (danger, Will Robinson, broad sweeping judgement ahead) – they’d probably act a whole lot quicker to get this matter settled. Take the car keys away from the management AND the union reps and see how fast they come to terms.

My next blog entry I’ll tell you all how to achieve World Peace, too. (grin)

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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