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Just in time for Valentines Day…

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – pick up a Kindle copy of my new e-book BAD VALENTINES – a collection of three weird and twisted stories of love. If your dreams are filled with Spanish Fly, Cephalopod passion, Nazi Zombie Death Submarines, terminal papercuts and Aztec curses then this collection is definitely for you!

You can order right here.



yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

How am I doing so far???

All right.

I’ve spent the day leisurely, watching the Turner Classic Movies network with my wife. Started the day with Camelot, rolled into Knights of the Round Table, slid into The Adventures of Robin Hood and Errol Flynned into The Sea Hawk.

Camelot was fun. I had never seen it before. Knights of the Round Table infuriated me with the liberties they took with the Arthurian mythos. Robin Hood I had intended to skip, but as soon as I watched a few minutes I was hooked. The Sea Hawk was interupted for kitchen duty.

I’ve been tinkering with a story that involves a combination of Sasquatch, Sam Steele, an ancient Chinese Demon, and the building of the cross-Canada railroad as personified by a gigantic oil painting of the driving of the Last Spike in Eagle Pass, BC. It’s for a themed anthology that I’ve recieved an invite to be a part of – providing I can come up with a proper story.

I think I’m on the right track.

I have also done a bit of networking. I’ve heard from the folks at Crossroad Press. I’ll have another e-book available on Kindle, hopefully by tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

The bus strike is still ongoing. Apparently they haven’t even bothered to come back to the bargaining tables. Means another walk tomorrow. Oh well, the exercise hasn’t hurt me so far.


I’ve tinkered a bit with the blog today. It would really help if I knew what I was doing, but I’m making my way. If any of you techno wizards out there have any tips, hints or brainstorms on building a blog on WordPress I am not too proud to listen.

Belinda is cooking fish tonight. A big mess of homemade coleslaw and some spuds of some sort or other. I’ll have that with a beer while I hunker down to Frederic March’s Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde. It’s Superbowl Sunday and I am watching old movies, you bet.


Lastly, let me leave you with this link to a blog that looked fairly interesting. I haven’t gone over it yet – but it looks to be definitely worth reading for anyone who is as interested as I am with selling e-books through the Kindle empire.


(yes, it is fast becoming an empire – or would that be e-mpire???)

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon