Never go shopping in Wal Mart…

Okay. I was just out to Walmart. Stopped to browse the DVD rack. I’d just been glancing at it for a half a minute when this old guy walked up to me. Looked like a gone-to-seed old school kind of wrestler – like maybe Killer Kowalski or Gene Kaniski.

“Mooo-vieees?” he says, in this incredulous voice. “You know what they lead to, don’t you? They’re just trying to get you young guys hooked on watching moooviees on your computer screen – and then what’s going to happen to the cable television companies, hey?”

He got this victorious look on his face, like he’d just said something absolutely brilliant.

And then he stalked off.

I saw him later at the cash register check-out, telling some girl at the cash register that “Those machines are going to give you cancer, don’t you know?”


I swear to god.

Why do I shop there?

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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